VIRTUAL BOYS – The VR Stigmata Of Palmer Luckey Documentary By Andre Perkowski

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VIRTUAL BOYS – A Film About VR & Palmer Luckey By Andre Perkowski

VIRTUAL BOYS is a documentary inspired by VR and Plamer Luckey.  Currently, a work in progress examining the promising and mildly terrifying return of virtual reality… and the apparent fulfillment of decades-old dreams.


Here's a glimpse of Andre Perkowski's new movie… Virtual Boys:The VR Stigmata of Palmer Luckey… Yes, Philip K Dick was right! Virtual reality is back and this time it's personal. Voiceovers by MST3K's Trace Beaulieu and Firesign Theatre's Phil Proctor. Serious, silly, psychedelic, and thoroughly Andre Perkowski. Excerpts coming soon. Share! Enjoy! Engage! Shout if you need any details or verbiage.


VIRTUAL BOY Preview Trailer

A stylish, sprawling, and thoroughly comprehensive continuing project documenting the development of a sweaty series of heavily-pixelated ambitions: from possible pulp paperback origins in the gorgeously paranoid fiction of Philip K. Dick, to William Gibson's “hollow neologism” of cyberspace, to those early pioneers that splattered up against the wall of science, to sometime next week.


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The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch


Features E3 hijinks, garage inventors, bulging brainboxes, enthusiastic converts to the church of VR, skeptical squintyfaces, flagrant presence addicts, academic types, and crazed CEOs raving about their mad visions of the future. If you are interested to learn more, you can contact the film producer Andre Perkowski via his Facebook.


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