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360 Degree Video w/ Stunning Storytelling

Virtual reality content is primarily comprised of computer-generated imagery (CGI) or pre-recorded or live-stream video technologies.

Virtual reality 360 videos have been typically produced with multiple camera angles, stitched together in post-production to make a 360-degree video.

Jaunt VR, one of the earliest creators and adaptors of 360 video technology now has their own 360 video platform & app, where viewers can easily watch the latest virtual reality videos from the platform.

One of our favorite 360 content is on Jaunt’s platform is “Machu Picchu-The Lost City of The Inca” produced by top virtual reality tourism 360 video company, xRez Studio. This is one of the best 360 videos we’ve seen to date, produced with revolutionary story-telling technique, and combination both CGI and 360-degree video.

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Experience Machu Picchu Like Never Before-VR Immersive Journalism

This VR video is introduced by a computer generated 360 CGI introduction, along with a narrator followed by an immersive journalism view of the Peruvian city, Cuscos and Machu Picchu.

“If you’ve never visited the sacred Machu Picchu, or even if you already have – this guided journey from the center of Cusco and up into the Andes explores the mysterious achievements of ancient Peru which were all inspired by their worship of the sun.”

You can view the 360 video on a web browser, changing different view angles via the mouse pad. The video can also be played via Jaunt’s app, where viewers can switch between cardboard view or 2D view.

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Virtual Tourism To The Next Level

The video not only captures the city in a VR immersive journalism perspective but also is integrate with graphics that explains various part of the 360 video that the narrator is covering.

This 360 video was not only filmed with the best quality 360 video camera system, and also post-produced with some of the best 360 video story-telling methods to date.

Not only do viewers get to see what Machu Picchu looks like in the modern day, this virtual reality tourism video also integrates immersive journalism taking the viewer back to the time when Machu Picchu was first discovered on July 24th, 1911.

The 360 video also incorporate astrological information in the immersive view that takes the viewer to see how the builders matched this ancient monument to the stars.

If you want to experience and learn Machu Picchu as if you were there in person with a top tour guide, this virtual reality video is for you.

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