Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment to Make Live Sex Shows a Reality

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VR Porn Technology Making Live Sex Shows a Reality

A number of companies like PlayStation, Microsoft and Facebook have invested in VR hardware with Google premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival the VR Video Pearl. The porn industry of course primarily lunged in genitals.

The stories available in XXX VR are mostly focused on pre-recorded content which is about to change with Holodexxx VR who started their website officially and commenced on their self- declared undertaking which is to change how humans can interact in virtual reality. Holodexxx VR is a start-up Virtual Reality adult entertainment company and they are about to provide a better way to eroticize virtual reality.

It is made clear by Morgan Young, co-founder, that this is not focused on assembling male audience nor related in any way to women exploitation. According to Young, “Me and my co-founders all come from the world of video games or visual effects. For us starting this company was about finding the best way to use our expertise and pioneer the creation of digital humans in a virtual world.”

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People who will use Holdexxx will be capable of experiencing an interaction with digital renders of famous adult entertainers in imaginable ways. The sense behind this scheme is to get the viewers to be physically immersed in the media experience. VR will make them feel as if they are into the scene. This is somewhat seen as the future of XXX VR, live cams and not pre-recorded content.

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VR Pornstar: Ela Darlin

VR Adult Video Streaming Technology w/ CAM4

The technology is pretty new and still under testing. There are notable cam networks like CAM4 who recently partnered up with VRTube, an XXX VR pioneer and another one is the Alice-X VR cam platform. The feeling of arousal is the target point of VR. It eliminates the physical feedback of the act but gives out the same feeling of satisfaction.

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Live cams as implied is only a peep show working on a no touch policy, interactivity will not be involved in this so the presence of a technician will not be necessary to adjust to the users’ needs and responses. This is made even better now by Holodexxx VR.


With Young having a distinct vision in his mind on making a change in the porn industry together with his co-founders Craig Alguire and Chris Abell, they have come up to a conclusion that VR porn is going to be a big hit. They made a VR that uses a combination of an industry benchmark Vicon mo-cap method, Unreal Engine 4, a hand-made photogrammetric rig built with 112 in total DSLR cameras to produce a totally dynamic and a responsive digital replica of their actors.


Our process is as far from a traditional porn shoot as I think it could be. We fly in our models; they come into our studio for a walk through, go to hair and makeup … and then stand in a very unsexy pose as our photogrammetric rig takes 112 simultaneous pictures of their entire body.”, as per Young.


The 3D stitching software processes the 112 photographs to make an extremely high quality replica of the entertainer. It resulted to a computerized person that is capable of being related with. They have tried testing different experiences through Oculus Rift, Gear VR from Samsung and HTC Vive to get in touch with a large amount of participants as possible. The team is also looking into other options like the Oculus Remote since most who will likely use it is going to be left with one hand.



Holodexxx VR will be revealing their first product presentation in Las Vegas, Nevada at the approaching AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. This may take the people out of reality but nevertheless, the technical advancement really hits the spot!

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Introducing Worldwide New Virtual Porn Frontiers

Recently, only a very few VR adult content producers have the major share of the marketThese companies were the very first to introduce the porn in virtual reality and are striving hard to improve the related technologies. The competitors are still trying to catch-up with these giants of the industry. There are companies in the field which are currently putting in creative content and enormous amount of resources to make full-length and decent quality adult VR porn movies.  Check out their websites!

VR Porn Service Providers

Naughty America VR

Real Teens VR


VR Porn Times

Badoink VR

Virtual Real Porn

HoloGirls VR

Club Seventeen VR

Czech VR

Reality Lovers

VR Sex Toy Makers

Robotic Blowjob

Flesh Light


Virtual Adult Service Provider Making Porn For All Sexual Niche and Taste

VR Porn content makers are also making porn people with different sexual preferences. For sexy and sensual VR porn for the ladies: Shhh, Ersties, a French porn company with all female team making seductive lesbian porn. Companies such as above mentioned HoloGirlsVR, Virtual Porn 360 and Virtual Real Porn are also adding Lesbian porn to their ever-growing VR adult movie catalog! For men, there are also Virtual Real Trans , Virtual Real Gay , Teen Mega World VR , Real Teens VR , CzechVR Casting Scene to cater all porn desires!  If you are into extreme and hardcore porn, Czech VR fetish, and the well-known fetish network, bondage and SM adult service Kinks has also launched its virtual reality section KinksVR, but be warned, Kinks’ service and content is definitely 100% NSFW and not for everyone. 

These VR Porn startups are true pioneers, and the first wave of adult entertainment content producers and companies to release VR titles and continue to improve and expand those offerings. The remainder of the industry is now playing catch-up, but there are companies out there with a lot of money that will likely make some big moves into the VR world very soon.


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3D Virtual Adult Paradise w/ Sexually Explicit Scenes

Here is a virtual niche that is definitely not for everyone, if you are easily offended by graphical and sexually explicit scene, this paragraph is not for you, please skip to the next. There are also several popular virtual community created for adults with jaw-dropping, sexually explicit content in the virtual environment. Such as ChatHouse 3DSecond Life, Red Light Center,3DX Chat.  You are free to do whatever, and be whoever you want in these virtual 3D adult sex paradise. If you are into fetish, you might want to check out 3D Kinks. 3D Kinks has been described as a hardcore fetish sex game where kinky sex fantasies become reality porn.


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