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AKIRA In VR: Virtual Reality Manga Archive

Akira is an epic, cult-classic Japanese comic series from the 80’s. The popular comic series was made into an anime film in 1988. Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira is a story about a teenage biker named Tetsuo Shima who lives in neo-Tokyo in the year of 2019.

akira in vr


The film has since then achieved and maintained a cult status and a worldwide following. Akira is also considered by many to be a milestone in Japanese animation history. It is reflected by many critics to be one of the most popular and greatest animated and science fiction film of all time.



Robert McGregor is a virtual reality and coding developer based in Ottawa, Canada. Robert has an interest to work with large bodies of materials and bring those materials into a virtual world. Robert has created “Akira In VR” where you can flip and go through an archive of Akira manga in virtual reality 3D environment. We love it, take a look!


Content Source: Robert McGregor Official Website


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