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Virtual Reality Casino: Top 6 Best Games

Technology always leaves us in awe. Over a decade ago, the introduction of superfast broadband and Internet-enabled smartphones brought something new to gamers: the ability to play any game of their choice at their convenience. Today in the United Kingdom, casino gaming is moving to the next level: virtual reality games.

VR games can be played by every Tom, Dick, and Jack, without headsets, goggles, or any related hardware. However, some technologies such as Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift goggles can give players a better experience. Without them, you can still enjoy amazing games on VR 3D, whether you prefer to play mobile casino games or from your desktop device.

Casino games can be quite imaginative and the developers behind some of the most popular slots and games you can find at most casinos are constantly looking for new features they can include. VR has taken this to the next level and if you find yourself regularly playing at casinos online and looking to take it to the next level, VR games might be just what you need.

At the moment, not all games can be enjoyed in VR format . Hence, this is a list of the best virtual reality games for your playing pleasure:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Net Entertainment is reportedly one of the earliest adopters of Virtual Reality through the Beanstalk and Jack slot games. That’s not surprising because the online casino software provider is a leading name in the gaming industry.

These games feature 3D soundscapes and enhanced graphics to give Google Cardboard tech owners an exhilarating experience. The tech company is a VR platform that translates screen images to virtual reality through a smartphone head mount.

At the ICE convention, the company showcased its Jack’s World. You can watch the short video trailer of the game on NetEnt’s YouTube channel.


Slot Millions is among the first virtual reality gaming platforms. The platform has designed a VR space for its users that can be used with or without hardware or headgear. Starburst is one of the first games from the VR platform.

The game offers some attractive gameplay, melodious soundtrack, and outstandingly attractive graphics. These features increase the game’s acceptance by the wider gaming community. Although its 10 paylines is a turn off for many, it offers high stakes that turn many players to return gamers.

Since its launch, Starburst has proven to be a great virtual reality casino game, the first of its kind. This is proof of the game’s timeless quality over the years. Players stand a good chance to win big money with the game at leading gaming platforms.

Miss Midas

NextGen revamped the King Midas tale. It replaced the old king with Miss Midas, a ravishing personality. The female successor of the legendary king is as generous as the king, thanks to its 25 paylines.

Through its Superbet technology, NextGen allows players to purchase extra symbols for creating additional winning symbols, an incentive for discerning gamers. For years, some gamers have taken advantage of this feature to increase their winning chances. This extra layer of winning opportunity is a welcome development for the fans of this casino game.

Miss Midas has been incorporated into virtual reality games to make it more appealing to online casino gamers. As such, gamers who are interested in virtual reality games can play this game too.


Blackjack is a game that pitches you against the dealer. The house edge always favours the dealer. Another added advantage: the dealer knows the best way to beat you if you are on 17.

VR Blackjack offers everything. It can be the most profitable and enjoyable game. Sometimes, though, it can frustrate you. However, having been given the virtual reality facelift, it has definitely increased its overall appeal.

You can imagine the surprise looks on the dealer’s face as you beat it at its own game. That’s an irresistible bonus.


Games of roulette can put you on the edge. While waiting for its wheel to come to a stop, your heart is probably in your mouth as you watch the little ball come closer to your number. That’s how exciting a game of roulette can be.

This exhilarating experience pales in comparison to the excitement the game triggers if you play the Virtual Reality version. You can make your imagination come true by playing roulette on a VR platform because the game has been added to the long list of games that are available on VR platforms.

If this game has increased your appetite for online casino games and slot titles in the United Kingdom, you can enjoy another exciting game from the stable of NetEnt, Jack and the Beanstalk. The game is available on leading online casino platforms around the globe.

Social Club VR: Casino Nights

Although you won’t find this entry at an online casino, it’s still worth trying out. Casino Nights is available to play on Steam for £15.49 and has racked up numerous acclaimed reviews. Players can move freely around the room and enjoy some of their favourite casino games in a VR format, be it against the AI or against friends.

As well as having a massive selection of casino games to enjoy, Social Club VR: Casino Nights also provides players with a VR chess experience, shooting gallery, level builder, Youtube integration and the ability to gift chips to your friends and other players. If you don’t want to play in VR format, Casino Nights can be played from your desktop without the prerequisite of using a VR headset.

The design quality of social clubs is a sight to behold and the developers have done an outstanding job of designing everything from the tables you play at, to the overall aesthetics of the room, delivering one of the most complete VR casino experiences you can find at the moment.

As Virtual Reality technology takes over the gaming industry, the list of virtual reality games is expected to keep increasing as the list is updated regularly with more exciting games.


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