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Virtual Reality: German Startup Vathos Launches VR Video Player – Enhanced user experience and automatic format detection intended to make VR videos more approachable to the masses

360° video playback is gaining traction among Virtual Reality applications. German startup Vathos has developed vnorama (pronounced “veenorama”) an app that offers multiple innovative features for a simple and easy VR experience. vnorama automatically detects the 3D format of a video and adapts the display accordingly. The app can be controlled exclusively using a VR headset such as Google Cardboard with a gaze cursor. As a result, the phone never has to be removed from the VR head mount during playback or for switching between videos.


The beta version of vnorama is available for the first 1,000 users on Google Play for free and can be downloaded and tested as of now. The app requires a smartphone running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher and a VR headset like Google Cardboard.

Vathos Offers Immersive Playback & Automatic Format Detection

VR videos offer an incredible experience by immersing the viewer into the world of the film. Unfortunately, no standard format for the production of 3D content has been established in the VR space. Therefore, most VR players require the user to specify whether a video was filmed in 2D or 3D and if the frames of a 3D video are aligned side-by-side or top-to-bottom which is rather cumbersome. vnorama simplifies the playback of 180° and 360° videos in 2D and 3D by automatically detecting correct formats with latest image processing algorithms and saving the correct parameters for future reference.

Intuitive Handling & Efficient Program Code

The app is also very easy to use. Jonathan Balzer, managing director and CTO of Vathos on the usability of vnorama: “During development our team focused on a great user experience. Even VR novices can navigate the user interface very easily and intuitively by simply gazing at the controls. Additionally, the performance of the app is crucial. Thanks to efficient low-level coding, vnorama displays high-definition VR videos fluidly without causing the phone to overheat and putting more strain on the battery than necessary.“
VR streaming

Streaming is another hot topic. So far users often have to download VR videos to their phones which takes up time and storage. “We were not satisfied with offering just that“, says Jonathan Balzer. “vnorama features streaming functionality right from the start. Users can view interesting videos and trailers directly from our cloud. Of course, downloaded videos can also be played back. Unlike many other video apps, downloaded content is detected automatically and displayed in vnorama’s video library no matter where the files are stored on the phone.“

Vathos Related Details & Info

Direct download or
For further information please contact: Marcel Möllenbeck, +49-211-2926 9518,
Vathos GmbH, Bredelaer Str. 20, 40474 Dusseldorf,


Vathos GmbH based in Dusseldorf, Germany, was founded in 2015 and develops cutting edge algorithms in geometric reconstruction and visualization for a wide range of applications revolving around 3D technology. These include Virtual and Augmented Reality applications as well as applications in the areas of robotics, industrial inspection, and 3D printing.


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