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Realm VR Introducing the First VR Recumbent

Realm VR is operated by a group of young, motivated entrepreneurs with a dream to change the world and the way people see it. Although we are young, our team pushes through the barriers on our path to starting a new business, in a new industry, by using the full force of our creativity and determination to work as one team with one goal. Realm the product is the worlds first recumbent vr headset which is controlled by head motion. Not only will it give an immersive visual display, but also binaural audio to surround the user with realistic environments soundscapes. This technology allows you to experience vivid sound localization, meaning that you can hear sounds as if you were actually in a different place or realm. The display will use OLED technology to curve around the user’s face in order to completely immerse the user into their new world.

‘’We are working to get virtual reality enthusiast aware of our virtual reality headsets’’ Kenneth Barnes president of Realm vr

This announcement provides a numerous amount of brand recognition to our company, by showing our product to large network of virtual reality users. It makes virtual reality enthusiast aware of the product we are making and it gives them perspective on different virtual reality devices that are being developed. It can also gives the virtual reality a new user interface to look forward to in virtual reality.

Realm virtual reality is an up incoming startup looking to change how we think about virtual reality headset device by giving us a new way to interact with virtual reality content. They also are trying to give young entrepreneurs to believe in their selves and get them motivated to achieve their dreams

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kenneth Barnes at 5042522496 or email at Kennethbarnes31@gmail.com.

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