Virtual Reality Sex Toys for Men — What Are the Benefits of VR Masturbators?

Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future. It's here, and it has infiltrated everything from video games to sex toys. However, a lot of men are apprehensive about trying VR sex toys due to the stigma that still surrounds them. Additionally, because of the taboo nature of sex toys in our society, it's not that easy to find reliable information on what VR sex toys are and how to use them. In this article, we'll explain how VR sex toys work and how they can be beneficial both to couples and for solo sex.

What Are Virtual Reality Sex Toys?

Before we start talking about the benefits of VR sex toys for men, let's see how they work. Essentially, VR sex toys are high technology masturbation devices. The main draw of VR toys for men is the fact that they provide the most realistic experience you can currently get with a sex toy.

Additionally, they are quite easy to use. VR toys usually connect via Bluetooth or wireless internet. The Bluetooth variety syncs the VR goggles with the actual toy. Once they sync up, the goggles send the auditory and visual data to the toy, where they turn into tactile sensations.

VR sex toys that use WiFi work similarly to those that use Bluetooth. However, they usually come with an app you install on your phone. On the app, you can find pre-programmed sessions you can simply turn on and enjoy anytime. Alternatively, many high-end VR sets offer a big porn selection that's made especially for that sex toy. Some sets even offer a live-partner option.

Still, you will need to invest in a high-quality VR sex toy if you want to experience the full benefits of virtual reality. Additionally, you'll likely need to get VR goggles that are compatible with your toy. Add in the expenses for a fast internet connection and toy cleaners, and your VR experience can end up costing you quite a bit.

Benefits of VR Sex Toys for Couples

If you're in a relationship, you may think sex toys are unnecessary. However, incorporating toys into your sex life can be quite beneficial. For example, if you are in a long-distance relationship, VR sex toys can be a great replacement for phone sex. But,

even if you can see each other frequently, using VR toys now and again can be a great way to spruce up your sex life. Here are the three ways VR sex toys can benefit your relationship:

1. They are a Great Way to Stay Connected

As we've mentioned already, people in long-distance relationships can benefit from VR sex toys quite a bit. Nowadays, more and more people are in long-distance relationships. However, they do come with plenty of challenges, stemming from not being able to be physically close to your significant other.

One of the biggest challenges people in long-distance relationships face is a lack of intimacy. For a long time, phone and Skype sex was a common way to overcome this obstacle. However, with virtual reality sex toys, you can truly take your sex life to another level. Many virtual sex toys come in a couples' variety, so both you and your significant other can enjoy yourselves simultaneously.

2. Avoid Sexual Frustration

Relationships are all about compromise. Although sex is a healthy part of a relationship, it's understandable that, at some point, you or your partner may not want to have sex for whatever reason. It's important to respect your partner in those moments.

However, if you're feeling extremely horny, it may frustrate you when your partner isn't interested in sex and vice versa. That, in turn, can lead to fights and an overall unhealthy relationship.

A VR sex toy is the closest thing to sex you can find. If you want to avoid the negative emotions that come with sexual frustration, VR can be of great help. Talk to your partner about making a VR porno together. If you feel horny and your partner doesn't, simply put on your goggles and enjoy the next best thing.

3. Make Sex More Creative

In long-term relationships, it's important to try new things. And, what better way to unleash your creativity than a virtual reality sex toy? There are two main reasons VR is such an excellent way to explore your sexuality with your partner.

Firstly, VR is great if you want to try out a new kink. If your partner has a kink that you've been too afraid to try, give it a shot via VR first. Your partner will be glad to see that you're interested in what turns them on. Alternatively, try out a new kink neither of you has tried before.

Secondly, virtual reality makes you more creative with your words. Since you can no longer rely on your sense of touch, you will need to express what you feel through words. Although this process can be a bit awkward at first, in time, it will certainly lead to plenty of fun times.

Benefits of VR Sex Toys for Solo Use

If you're not in a relationship, you should be masturbating on a regular basis. Even if you are in a relationship, some alone time is necessary to explore your sexuality. Sex toys for men can be quite beneficial, as they take your me-time to the next level. Here's how you can include VR sex toys into your masturbation sessions:

1. Improve the Intensity of Your Orgasms

You may think your hand knows you best when it comes to masturbation. However, there are some things a machine can do that your hands simply can't. VR masturbators are highly customizable. That means you can choose the exact size, width, and shape, tailored specifically to your penis.

Additionally, you can experiment with a variety of speeds and intensity levels. Explore these mechanisms until you decide on a combination that works best for you. Add to that the virtual reality aspect of the toy, and you'll certainly have intense orgasms every time you use it.

2. Increase Your Sexual Stamina

For men, reaching an orgasm is usually easy. However, if you ejaculate too quickly, it can cause a lot of issues in your sex life. Premature ejaculation is a common problem among men, and one most men are embarrassed to talk about. Oftentimes, men ejaculate too quickly because they are nervous about their performance during sex.

Many sex psychologists recommend VR masturbators as part of the treatment for premature ejaculation. The fact that VR provides a sense of realism means you can use it to practice keeping your composure during sex. Additionally, many VR sex toys offer stamina training. This setting is a great way to improve your longevity in bed and even fight erectile dysfunction.

3. A Safe Way to Explore Your Fantasies

If you want to explore certain sexual fantasies or fetishes, VR sex toys are the safest way to do so. Many people seek hookups and one-night stands they can explore sexual fantasies with. However, that can put you in an unsafe situation.

Firstly, being alone with a person you barely know can be quite dangerous. Secondly, if you're sleeping with a lot of people you don't know well, you're at a high risk of various STDs. Let's face it, what are the chances that you're going to ask a one-night stand if they've been checked recently? And, even if you do, what are the chances they are going to answer truthfully?

VR sex toys are a great way to avoid these dangers. You can explore whichever kink you desire safely, easily, and from the comfort of your own home.

4. They Can Help Fight Isolation and Loneliness

If you're single, you probably feel lonely every now and again. Human interaction is necessary for our wellbeing, and we're not saying that VR can replace genuine human connection. However, if you're lonely and looking for someone to hook up with, it may be a good idea to try VR sex instead.

Virtual reality toys offer much more than just sex. Therefore, if you're feeling isolated and disappointed in relationships, you can turn to virtual reality to make you feel better. Still, only use VR toys for this purpose occasionally. It's important to remember that, just like porn, VR is not real. Use it as you would any other sex toy, and don't let yourself become too dependent on it, as it can lead to problems in the long run.

How to Start Incorporating VR into Your Sex Life

If you want to try VR sex toys, whether it's by yourself or with a partner, you should know that your first time will probably feel awkward. However, if you keep experimenting with it, you will soon figure out what works for you and have the time of your life.

Trying VR toys with a partner comes with its own set of challenges. If your partner is apprehensive about VR, but you want to experiment with it, don't push them into something they are not comfortable with.

Start slow and work your way up as they become more comfortable with VR. If you want to film yourselves, make sure your faces aren't visible. Additionally, be the first one to

film themselves naked. Your significant other will be much more comfortable with it once they see you.

In Conclusion

It's time to stop being intimidated by sex toys that incorporate aspects of virtual reality. VR masturbators can be a great way to try something new and explore your sexuality. Additionally, you can also use them to spice up the sex life in your relationship. Don't let the stigma around them scare you. Try out VR sex toys for yourself and see how amazing they can truly be.

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