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Virtual Reality In SXSW South By Southwest 2015

Austin, Texas is my home town and where I grew up as a teenager. I still remembered Austin was not well-developed when I lived there, there wasn’t much to do besides going to movies and bar hopping on 6th street. But Austin has changed, it became one of the hippest, stylish and happening city for music and multi-media in the U.S. Thanks to SXSW, also known as South by Southwest. Austin has now established itself as one of the most vibrant city hosting one of the most important multi-media event in the world.



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SXSW 2015 which has just ended last Sunday and was divided into 3 major categories that spread out in 3 weeks. Each year in March, major players, well-established and indie media outlet, influential bloggers, industry leaders and new startups would come to Austin to participate.


techcrunch at sxsw 2015

TechCrunch Party with DJ Set by Tanlines !

Interactive: March 13-17

Film: March 13-21

Music: March 17-22

SXSW: A World Class Multi-Media Event

If you have once experienced SXSW, you’ll know the organizers are genius. The event is well-organized and spread out in numerous locations across the city of Austin, events are mostly free. Free entertainment and events of all kinds, freebie ( sponsored stuff that you normally had to pay in store ), free drinks, free food are provided. Visitors are free to enjoy 99% of the events, and they are top notch events. For music events, I’d seen acts like Snoop Dog, Lenka, Eagles, Kanye West, and Underworld before, and yes, all free.


They truly understand that all three categories falls under the huge umbrella called multi-media and there is only a blurry line between all three of them, very soon, they will all blend with each other with the help of virtual and augmented reality! Hence attracting people around the world, who are like-minded, who came for one category but would be interested in another. This is will in term help kick start new companies and have people spread the words!


Game industry has thing for virtual reality, they are getting marry soon!

Game industry has thing for virtual reality, they are getting marry soon!


sxsw vr interstellar

Flim x Virtual Reality will be a major trend in the future as virtual reality technology maturing at a lightening speed!


Because of the amazing, unique and full-on immersive experience that SXSW is known to provide to visitors every year, everyone is going to spread the words. The word of mouth happening before, during and weekly after SXSW on Facebook, Twitter and across all other social media and news platform creates the perfect buzz and media attention for all startup companies that either threw a party or hosted an event! That is precisely why many new startup companies chose to debut or release important news during SXSW.


sxsw vr 2015

People who came to experience virtual reality for the 1st time will spread the words!

Virtual Reality is Major At This Year’s SXSW

Virtual reality is major at this year’s SXSW, check out the VR Schedule for this year event in virtual reality category. The theme for this year’s VR event seem to be VR digital story-telling and multi-media content creation. If you are keen on tech & trend, you’ll notice that compare to past year, SXSW never had so many virtual reality startup participants.


augmented reality 2015 south by southwest


SXSW 2015’s VR industry category’s headliners would be Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, attracting massive and overwhelming attention. People and reporters flooded to their talk and events. Here is Oculus team at Southwest VR Conference



You can tell that virtual reality industry is going to explode in the coming years. Another important event by a similar but different name, SouthWest Virtual Reality Conference ( SWVR ) was held at Bristol, UK. Check out some of the VR Conference video:


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