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Virtual Reality Tower Defense Siege Hammer Now Available on Oculus Store

Virtual Reality company and development studio MyDream Interactive, Inc. (www.mydreamvr.com), today announced the early access release of its tower defense game in VR, Siege Hammer. The game now includes motion controller support for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive and is available on the Steam store, along with Oculus Rift and Touch support on the Oculus store. The price for Siege Hammer on the Oculus Store is $12.99.

Despite being a top genre for PC and mobile gaming, tower defense and its variants have required a new mindset to create comfort and excitement within virtual reality. The MyDream Interactive team drew from years of award-winning experience in game design to create a new style of play, addressing VR’s unique challenges and immersive nature to build the exhilarating world of Siege Hammer.

“Building upon the well-received launch of Siege Hammer, we’re continuing to expand to new devices and add hours of play,” said Andrew Leker, COO of MyDream Interactive and the game’s lead designer. “Siege Hammer combines the beloved building and resource collection elements of traditional tower defense with the intensity of first-person attack. It’s easy and comfortable to play, with a challenge ramp for players of all skill levels.”

Oculus Touch and Vive Controllers

Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive versions of Siege Hammer make full use of their respective controllers, though the game was designed to be comfortably played without controllers through gaze-based action.


Siege Hammer will be released on Samsung Gear VR in January, bringing the first end-to-end game experience to mobile VR. The play is comfortable and hands-free, relying on gaze control. Siege Hammer within Gear VR represents a new high bar for mobile VR gaming both in terms of comfort and genuine game experience.

Siege Hammer is an early-access game, available on Steam for $14.99 throughout the early access period. For more information, please go to: http://siegehammer.co/. The full version is expected to hit market in Q1 of 2017.

About MyDream Interactive Inc.
Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, MyDream Interactive is a pioneering development studio in virtual reality and virtual worlds. Designed by an eclectic team of game designers in collaboration with graphics experts, MyDream Interactive was founded by Allison Huynh with the mission of promoting the 3 Cs: Creativity, Collaboration and Courage in virtual reality and the virtual world of gaming.

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