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Virtual Reality Goggles Makes You Feel Being Teleported

Did you think it was possible to visit a concert that you missed, or go on a campus tour without actually being there, or experience your next travel destination before paying for it? YouVisit is making this possible.


YouVisit is a VR tour company that delivers 360 panoramas photos and videos, offering virtual campus tours on the Oculus and Google Cardboard platform. YouVisit enables users, organizations, and businesses the ability to create highly interactive VR tours and has a sharing function.Now you can view the virtual tourism content with the Oculus goggles DK 1 and DK 2, similar to using Google Earth’s interactive street view.

Going on a virtual tour of your favorite music festival

Did you miss your chance to go to TomorrowWorld this year? one of the biggest EDM festival of all-time held annually in Belgium finally had their first sister event in the Atlanta. Well, if you missed it, now it’s your chance to see the event live in action with big name EDM artists including David Guetta,Tiesto, Avicii and more.


The creator of TomorrowLand and TomorrowWorld recently teamed up with YouVisit to launch an interactive tour of the event, enabling EDM zealots to revisit the electronic dance music event as if they were actually there.


A big shift is taking place from traditional concerts to fully immersive experience environment where viewers can interact with different parts of a music festival. VR technology appears to have the capacity to “teleport” people in a visual sense, enabling people the feeling presence in a shift from physical to virtual world.


The company, Jaunt VR, recently captured a performance by Sir Paul McCartney. You can experience as if you were right next McCartney as he performs on stage with your favorite VR goggle.



Will Virtual Reality Headsets Disrupt The Way We Learn?

Perhaps the next education revolution might have something to do with the virtual reality wave. Virtual reality headsets may just become a new communication platform that can totally change the way we learn.


Virtual games can also help accelerate learning. Imagine you can take your next chemistry class in a virtual world without the fear of blowing up the classroom, or take a virtual tour to the Getty Museum and conduct all your learning without the need to spend hours just to get there.


A substantial body of research from industry and the military shows that immersive experiences can be an effective tools to help people learn to perform new tasks with VR training simulation.


The VR hype started back in the late 80’s, but the hype vanished due to expensive VR headset, premature technology and app market. Technical breakthroughs such as the Internet of Things, crowd funding and open source platforms may just stimulate the rise of VR again.


Here is a must read article on the “the rise and fall and rise of VR.” Now is an especially good time for programmers, as there are more device markers and software startups than ever before to envision the future for VR.


Regardless which direction educational VR takes, it certainly will take some empirical research to convince the well-established barriers of traditional education system to adopt a new technology for the under-aged.


Go on a virtual campus tour without physically being there

It’s certainly nice to save travel money to prospective campuses through virtual reality college campus tours. The idea of virtual college tour is already bullishly attracting plenty of students and parent to buy-in on this concept. Online campus tours are now being tested by a small group of institutions through Oculus goggles and Google Cardboard.


YouVisit enables students to go on a pre-college exploration, putting you right in the heart of a facility, and enabling you to experience the campus like you are actually there. With over a thousand tours currently available for viewing on the Oculus. The schools in partnership with YouVisit are collaborating on everything from VR content production to analyzing results from the virtual visits.


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