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VR Documentary Explaining Why are there Lions in Los Angeles?

As the sun begins to fade over a golden California mountain range, an unexpected roar echoes through the canyon. It may come as a surprise that just outside of the city, over 77,000 animals have been saved by one of the nations oldest wild and exotic animal sanctuaries. Andrea Kelley gives an intimate look inside this non profit sanctuary and shares insight on what has caused so many animals to find refuge here.

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Jacob Smith and Rebecca Dienno (Virtual Vérité Productions) brought this documentary to life by filming it entirely in 360 VR, with Google enthusiastically lending support along the way. This is their first original piece, and it explores animal welfare from a new perspective and illuminates the many people who have dedicated their lives to helping these incredible animals.

Screener available now at www.LionsInLA.com and on YouTube www.youtube.com/virtualveriteproductions. Officially launches on Dec 7th.

Contact Information:

Jacob Smith

Virtual Vérité Productions

9854 National Blvd #423

Los Angeles, CA 90034

310 736 5870


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