Virtuality Conference on Feb 24-26 @ France

Just like the arrival of smartphones a few years ago, virtual reality will greatly impact our lifestyles and will be embedded in our daily routine by 2020.


Education, health, culture, leisure, business, industry… Virtual reality offers new opportunities, both from a consumer and professional perspective. The market should reach 1 billion dollars by the end of the year, and France is a very dynamic player in terms of content creation.




To understand how our lives will change, the first Virtuality Paris event presents the best of VR for all sectors and in all its forms: VR headsets, of course, but also game consoles, sound systems, 360° cameras, haptic (touch) technology, and more. Content, technology, uses: Virtuality will show you the world from a virtual perspective.

The exhibition is open to everyone! Over three days, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS will be transformed into an innovation hub. The exhibition will be dedicated to professionals on the first day, and will open to the general public over the weekend (Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February).


Entertainment, marketing, sales, design, housing, retail, tourism, education, healthcare Virtuality Paris is the opportunity for professionals and the public:


  • to test the major technological breakthroughs that will reinvent our daily life
  • to participate in conferences and talks about various sectors.

> 104factory: The CENTQUATRE-PARIS incubator

> AREA i3: VR agency specialised in 360° content production (pictures, videos, virtual visits, live, applications, advertising films, etc.)

> ARTE : The public cultural and European channel, the first to create and develop 360 and VR content.

> CHU de Nice: Cimiez Teaching Hospital in Nice


Professor Collomp and his team will present PLEASE, a play and educational programme focused on health and environmental issues. PLEASE brings interactive and fun to knowledge and assessment of prevention, education, healthcare promotion and the environment.


The programme is aimed at primary school pupils (aged 8 to 10), and is based on serious games that are integrated into a virtual world, providing assessment of their behaviour in real-life situation

> Digital Immersion: 360° content production, immersive experiences and mobile applications. Since 2007, Digital Immersion has been a 360° video pioneer in Europe. The agency will showcase its latest 360°/VR productions, a simulator, and 360° gaming experiences.

Fonds FHF: Research & Innovation Fund of the French Hospital Federation


The Research & Innovation Fund assists the Hospital in its quest for excellence. It identifies innovative actions and projects that will enable major breakthroughs for the benefit of patients.


The Research & Innovation Fund sponsors a space that will showcase various uses of immersive technologies in healthcare. There will be opportunities to meet many teaching hospitals and start-ups using VR for treatment and training.

> HTC Vive: The reference in virtual reality headsets. The VR headset presented by HTC and Valve will showcase some of the most spectacular content on the VR market.

> HYPERSUIT: Extreme experiences simulator. Thanks to Hypersuit, you can experience the sensation of wingsuit jumping or deep sea diving. You will be able to fly safely!


> iLumens : The Simulation Department of Paris Sorbonne University, iLumens develops training programmes and innovative research in healthcare based on simulation, in order to improve training for healthcare professionals, and the quality and safety of care at the same time. iLumens will showcase demos for interactive training with VR gear and robot dummies.

> Incarna: Indoor collaborative experience. Incarna is the next generation of indoor leisure activities.

Cinema mixed with escape game and role playing, get ready to lose yourself in a VR adventure controlled by a game master in real time.

> Indeego Games: Development of applications and VR games. Indeego Games will showcase the achievements of their latest production: a free to play VR e-sport game that takes place in zero gravity and recreates popular team sports.

> LiveScale: Development of applications and VR games. During Virtuality, Livescale will showcase LiveVR demonstrations from different places in the world (including Montreal and Tokyo) with VR gear. They will also showcase the creation of a LiveVR video event in just two minutes.

> MAIF: Virtual reality can be used to build awareness on the safety of personal data. In partnership with Reputation Squad, MAIF will present its VR experience “My Data and Me” to promote e-reputation and securing of personal data on the Internet.

> Myoken: Digital agency specialised in interactive experiences. Specialised in augmented reality, virtual reality, 360° video, Myoken creates new experiences for brands thanks to these interactive and immersive technologies. The agency will present three experiences with HTC Vive (for Poliakov, AZF, Accenture) and mobile VR experiences (Alstom, Manitou Groupe Leblanc…).

> NOVELAB by AUDIOGAMING: VR experiences studio. Novelab creates VR experiences, interactive installations and video games. In addition to this, in October 2016, Novelab produced the VR project Kinoscope for the French Cinémathèque, in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute: the history of cinema in VR.

> OKIO-STUDIO: VR production studio. Okio-Studio is the creator of the I-Philipp experience. They will showcase their latest VR projects, currently in production.

> Opuscope: Creation of holographic experiences. Opuscope develops Holostoria, a software that enables everyone and every company to create immersive and holographic experiences. It enhances content and amplifies storytelling, especially in culture and retail.

> Orah: 4K 360° camera to film and live stream, by VideoStitch.

> Raptor-Lab: Studio producing immersive games. Raptor-Lab team will showcase their latest productions currently in development.

> Realyz: Design of mobile VR systems. Realyz will showcase its mobile VR system easy to carry for various professional uses.

> SimForHealth: Immersive, interactive and collaborative approach for the training of healthcare professionals. “Never the first time on the patient” is the motto of SimForHealth team members. With training objectives such as rehearsal of procedures and exchanges on therapeutic decisions, virtually recreated complex situations are possible thanks to digital simulation which represents a relevant and innovative solution. You can train to treat a virtual patient before treating a real patient.

> Smart VR Studio: VR Studio. Smart VR studio will showcase VR 4D experiences (3D images and haptic) and mixed reality experiences. On their stand you will be able to try “The Walk”, a breath-taking experience with HTC Vive that will give you thrills and chills!

>Strate: Design school

> Unimersiv: The largest platform for VR educational experiences.
Unimersiv’s mission is to help students of all ages learn faster through virtual reality.
VR can greatly improve the capacity of the human mind to remember the things it learned for a long time. After two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears but 90% of what it does or simulates. “VR learning” is situated in this impressive 90% area.

> Uni-VR: The French VR Think-Tank

> Uptale: Immersive Learning and live storytelling. Uptale designs real interactive and “gamified” 360°/VR experiences for training and communication purposes (practical situations, role plays, development of empathy, guided tours, safety drills, etc.).

> VIAR: Cloud CMS for VR and 360° content.

> VRTUOZ: First VR platform that allows you to share 3D and 360° content in real time.

VRTUOZ is a VR platform through which you can share joint viewing sessions of videos remotely. Users can pick up an avatar, create and customise their own virtual private space, then virtually meet other users in order to share VR experiences with them (attend a concert, attend a match, visit a place, play a video game).




More than 80 talks, each 15 to 20 minutes long, to get a better understanding of the potential of virtual reality.

During the three-day- exhibition, the public will be able to attend many talks on various topics. Speakers will talk one after the other, in two conference rooms, to share their vision of the stakes for VR. They will cover several themes:

– the creation and production of VR content and 360° videos,

– the economy and business models of these new formats,

– virtual reality for the music sector,

– virtual reality for real estate,

– virtual reality for adult movies,

– virtual reality to develop empathy,

– virtual reality in association with series, film or TV programme,

– and many more !

Please check the speakers list on The precise schedule of talks will be announced early 2017.


Olivier Godest is the founder of Virtuality Paris, the latest ambitious project from this digital trend-spotter. He first started off as Project Manager for Renault, and managed the brand’s participation in the 2008 Paris Motor Show. He then completed an MBA in Media Communications and Events Management.


He joined Orange and in 2009 co-founded the Orange Transmedia Lab, one of the first French initiatives supporting social TV. His role was to advise French authors/producers on how to broadcast their work on several media platforms, especially web and mobile. His encounter with this community of innovative young entrepreneurs was definitely a turning point in his career.


Driven by an entrepreneurial mind, he created his own company, Guidelines, in 2014, and since then he has been advising clients such as communications agencies and consulting companies. He also delivers expert advice on new digital trends to the media programme of the European Commission.

His encounter with virtual reality came as a shock! From the first discussions with VR professionals, Olivier realised that immersive technologies would soon revolutionise our daily life.


He therefore decided to create Virtuality, the first event entirely dedicated to VR and immersive technologies in Paris. He quickly gathered the team and partners that now follow him on this fascinating adventure.


Author: VR Reporter

I am a hi-tech enthusiast, VR evangelist, and a Co-founder & Chief Director at Virtual Reality Reporter!

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