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Virtually Live: Join Meetup and Gathering With Friends

Virtually Live, a Zürich, Switzerland based VR startup that is introducing a new kind of virtual events participation! Virtually Live’s core concept is quite simple but very exciting! The technology enables you to attend music concerts, live performances, and sports events with your friends using avatars.


virtual  concerts venue

Virtually Live Breaks Real-World Barriers For People To Meet-up

Living at remote location will no long be an issue for people to meet up and enjoy a live event with family and friends in the virtual space, such as virtual concert venue or a sport stadium.

The process to create the intriguing virtually immersive experience is simplified to 4 parts:

virtually live tracking tag

Each player in the real-world event is being tracked with tags!

1. Real-time event tracking

The people and objects of an event are tracked with tracking tag and advanced optical technology. All movements and visuals are virtually recreated in real-time inside the virtual environment.


virtual event venue

Virtual venue for a live hip hop DJ set can be created immediately!

2. Virtual venue creation

A virtual venue or stadium will be created, simulating the real thing with high accuracy.


virtually live data tag

All data collected from tracking tags are transmitted to the virtual venue. The game is on baby!

3. Transmitting the captured event to the virtual venue

The virtual data are transmitted and connected to the virtual venue, and at this stage the show is ready to get started!


meet friends in virtual stadium space

You pick your avatar, pick cloth for him or her, and you go meet up with your buddies. Time to boogie!

4. Entering Virtually Live Virtual Space With Friends and Family

Now is the time for you to invite your friends, suit up by picking an outfit for your personalized avatar, and step inside the Virtually Live virtual space and meet up with your friends. Just don’t be late!


When you are inside the virtual space, for example a baseball stadium, you could move around freely, you could head to the VIP lounge or sky box with friends as you wish! Virtually Live is closer to a virtual social media than a virtual meet-up tool, because you can text, speak and communicate with each other.


On the other hand, whatever you do in the real-world in real-time could be simulated by your avatar. You can propose a toast and hi five with your avatar! How would this be done is unclear but the technology is available, simply by wearing a motion tracking device will do the trick!


According to Virtually Live “The patent is process oriented, not technology oriented, so it has a very long live cycle, it utilizes a new form of content, not previously licensed or used.”


Virtually Live is very exciting as it is highly interactive and socially engaging. It enables people around the world to participate in the same event, real-time or on-demand. The dynamically recreated virtual space allows people around the world to participate and engage!


global virtual reality

The world will be connected virtually! It would be a dream come true for the mankind!


Virtually Live’s technology will open up a new powerful medium for people to connect, the possibilities are far beyond entertainment. Imagine, the world citizen can join a unified protest over a global agenda to make a difference, or join the world’s biggest virtual concerts like Glastonbury. This is truly an exciting time to be!


Content Source & Image: Virtually Live, Virtually Live Vimeo 

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