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VirtualTaboo Debuts VR in 7K

VirtualTaboo is touting its status as the first virtual reality adult site to offer 7K content — the highest resolution available to date.

Founded in 2015, Virtual Taboo is a high-end VR site that combines “compelling themes with popular performers,” a rep explained. The company plans to use 7K technology for shooting all of its new content, and then re-encode it to work on existing headsets.

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Virtual Taboo’s President, Capo Rockett, noted that 7K makes the existing content on the market look like the standard of a decade ago.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of tech,” Rockett said. “At a time when more people are looking for realistic, immersive experiences from home, we are upping our game and transporting them off the couch.”

The new 7K format runs at a 7260×3630 pixel resolution, without interpolation at 60fps. The 10-bit format displays up to 1.07 billion colors, versus older 8-bit footage that displays 16.7 million colors. This makes 7K images the closest ever to the human visual field, and with the expansion to 200-degree video, makes user perception more immersive and intense.

Rockett said that Virtual Taboo’s 7K videos push the envelope of technology and while existing VR headsets have difficulty sustaining rapidly evolving technology, consumer demand, led by adult, will force change. Even without a 7K-capable visor, the new format “will boost quality across the board.”

“As the first to bring 7K into the market, we see this as a great opportunity and stimulus for the VR manufacturers to enhance their products and help them evolve,” Rockett concluded. “7K will quickly become the new normal and industry-standard, making VR porn even more real — perhaps more seemingly real than our own lives at this challenging time.”

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