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Virtualware’s ‘VR is Now’ Campaign Goes Live

Virtualware started an amazing “immersive” adventure, more than 15 years ago, A long journey, where they’ve seen and experienced the evolution and growth of the XR industry practically from zero to the immersive (R)evolution that it is today in the business world. After many years of testing, developing, and applying immersive technologies to the enterprise with great results, the last couple of years have been the most revealing for them.

In 2019, the VR leading company attended the biggest events related to XR technologies around the world. From Europe to North America, Virtualware had the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with other companies, institutions, and governments from all over the world; stating that most of them perceive immersive technologies as a great opportunity to increase competitiveness in the current economic environment, but they don’t know where to start.

There are multiple articles and studies that predict that XR technologies are the FUTURE for business. The FUTURE is exciting, but, what about the present? Today Virtualware asserts that Virtual Reality technology enables companies to bring out the best in their workers, to design products better and faster, to engage audiences like never before and more. Virtual Reality is Now !

This is why Virtualware releases “VR is Now” campaign. A campaign that shows how medium and large companies, institutions and governments are already using VR technology to solve real problems. A campaign that will serve as a steppingstone for all those that are still undecided to take a step forward and get to the next level. Virtualware is the key provider to unlock the power of VR, under the slogan: Who will solve the problems that concern us today? You will. With us. Together.

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About Virtualware | http://virtualwareco.com/

Virtualware is a world-leading provider of cutting-edge immersive solutions for training, engineering and marketing.

The pioneering VR company was awarded with “VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room” as the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year at VR Awards 2019, the centre of recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in Virtual Reality.

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