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Visit Penny Archer’s Luxurious Villa in Virtual Reality and Become the Fixer Upper of Her… Pipes?

From Virtual Reality Bangers

Let’s be honest, not all of us have the opportunity to live in a luxury villa, and a lot of ordinary people have never even been in one. Have you ever wondered what all those bored rich people are doing sitting in their huge houses and wasting their millions of dollars, though? Some of the professional creators of VR porn movies, VR Bangers, took this as an inspiration for their latest VR porn movie – and now they invite all their fans to visit their beautiful estate in their latest virtual reality porn experience of 6K ultra-high definition.

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In the Fixer Upper VR porn scene, every VR Bangers’ fan will have the opportunity to enter a luxurious villa inhabited by Penny Archer herself – a beautiful, tattooed and extremely bored with her wealth, sexy girl who calls on you because she needs your help. Inside this VR porn fantasy, it turns out that this amazing vixen will need a little assistance with clogged pipes in her house – and since she got your number from her friend, she decided to call and hire you to help today. Even though it may sound like an easy job for an experienced handyman, you are going to find out that it is all a little bit more complicated in only a matter of minutes after wearing your VR goggles…

How come? Well, only after a short while it will turn out that the problem with the pipes is just a cover for the real intentions of this horny blonde. This bored millionaire simply keeps dragging more men into her huge estate to satisfy her sexual needs with the help of more and more of them behind her husband’s back – who does not give her the expected erotic satisfaction, so she really needs ever-new and fresh cocks to suck and fuck. This is how you will land between the legs of this horny VR porn star – and it is up to you whether you will be able to handle her narrow pipes in the right way and whether she will also recommend you to her next, disgustingly rich, bored and always-horny colleague.

“I loved the idea of having sex with a spoiled, extremely-wealthy and bored girl in her luxurious villa from the very beginning,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “I thought that this VR porn experience had a lot of potential, and when we combined the idea with Penny’s beautiful body covered in tattoos, I am more than happy with the outcome of our newest VR porn scene.”

And remember that you can always visit VR Bangers for even more top-quality VR porn content as the producers update their website with fresh virtual reality porn scenes at least a few times a week (here).

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