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VISYON Presents Short Film “Cornerstone VR”, Filmed at the Same Time in 360º and 2D

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Barcelona-based company VISYON, specialised in emerging technologies and content creation, took part in the production of Cornerstone VR”, a short film directed by Ben Perry that was presented at City Hall in Londons Living Room, on the evening of the 24th October.

The distinctive feature of this film work is its double format in 2D and 360º. This is one of the first productions conceived and carried out in these two forms simultaneously. This allows the viewer enjoy it in different scales of immersion and from different points of view. The 360º transform the spectator into a part of the fiction, because of the immersive power of this technology. Meanwhile, the 2D, traditional cinema format, offers an intimate use of the content but with less involvement, from the perspective of the viewer.

The premiere gathered attendants from different areas and industries, both public and private, from the social, film, and technology sectors. They all came together and experienced how VR and immersive technologies are appropriate mediums to generate empathy and involve the spectator thus bringing a more personal experience with a higher degree of remembrance. VISYON is built on the idea of bringing social change through technology and has achieved being one the leaders in the industry through its Social Innovation Programme thorough which this project was conceived.

Likewise the event was hosted by London Ventures, an innovation programme set up by EY and London Councils that focuses on how the public, private, and the third sector can work together to support some of Londons biggest local public services challenges including combatting homelessness.

About 20 actors, 50 extras and more than twenty operators took part in the production of the short film. It was filmed last May in 19 different locations in Barcelona and its surroundings. The film was recorded in 2D and 360º with 8K quality, which requires specific technical abilities in order to manage a full sphere of every scene, avoiding continuity mistakes. The aim is to give the highest possible degree of realism to allow the viewer to relate intimately with the characters.

Awareness Recruitment Campaign

The five minute 360 film aims to recruit more foster carers using the interactive immersion to enable carers and professionals to understand how trauma and abuse impacts childrens development and behaviour. The film was directed by award-winning British film director Ben Perry.

Cornerstone created a full immersive VR experience which allowed attendees to see and feel the realities of being a child in care followed by a panel discussion. Speakers include, appart of the CEO of VISYON, Pere Perez, names like Amanda Neville, BFI Chief Executive, Oculus Rift Policy lead Ashley Woolheater, Director VR, Raindance Film Festival Maria Rakusanova, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Matt Woolgar, Alison Alexander CEO RBWM and Cornerstone CEO Helen Costa.

Pere Pérez said: our main goal of this experience was to create a very high level of empathy with viewers, to do this we used traditional cinematic filming techniques while pushing the boundaries of the current immersive technologies available in the market. In the same vein, Helen Costa explained that growing up in care can have huge societal and psychological impacts with many children struggling in later life. Using technology in this way will hopefully create a greater understanding and encourage more people to foster or adopt so more children can grow up in a loving home.

And BFI Chief Executive, Amanda Neville, declared: This is a brilliantly subtle and engaging film, told from the perspective of a child. Her presence is haunting at times, made more powerful by the 360 experience. The viewer is taken through the full range of emotions, as they are transported into the world of a (at best) dysfunctional family.

The synopsis of “Cornerstone VR”

What do Annabelle, Jordan, Joe and Sarah, the characters of short film Cornerstone VR have in common? All of these characters suffer from parental abuse, an abuse that takes shape in different forms: Some abuse is physical, some is neglect and in one case is completely parental abandonment. With four raw and real stories, The Cornerstone Partnership and VISYON portray the reality of four children with broken homes that start a new life, supported by a foster family.


VISYON is an award-winning company empowering innovation through emerging technologies and creative solutions. Key areas of expertise include 360 Video Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Platform Development and Sensorial Installations. We conceive, design, and build immersive environments for international clients from most industries who want to push the limits of innovation and creativity.

About Cornestone

The Cornerstone Partnership is a social enterprise organisation working to improve the life chances of children in the care system. It was founded by Clare Brasier and Helen Costa, who, driven by their personal experience as adopters and their desire to help children, realised that by combining their professional skills and personal experience there was scope for innovation and partnership to improve the life chances of children in the care system. It is using immersive technology such as VR to innovate in social care.

Ben Perry

Ben Perry is a young British film director who has already won 3 Kodak commercial awards for a spec Dove commercial that aimed to redefine how we see beauty. Shot with non-actors on a shoe-string budget Ben had already shown a keen sensibility for naturalistic performance and an eye for striking contemporary visuals.

He was soon nominated for a D&AD award for his Chevrolet – Power of Play commercial, which explored football as a means of combating stigma toward people living with HIV in Banding, Indonesia. Since then Ben has shot commercials all over the world, working with actors, celebrities and non-actors alike and has built up a stack of clients including Hyundai, Vodafone, P&G, SC Johnson, Foster & Partners and more.

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