VIVA Creative and VIVA VR Studios Launch EventView360˚

VIVA Creative ( and its virtual reality lab, VIVA VR Studios ( announce the launch of EventView360˚, an integrated suite of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services designed specifically for global event organizers.


“Virtual and augmented reality will drastically change event marketing,” says Lorne Greene, CEO of VIVA Creative. “By bringing together 360˚ content creators, event experts, and VR technologists, we are confident that we can help brands create value with VR and AR,” he says.


What is EventView360˚?

EventView360˚ is an integrated suite of services that create new opportunities for event organizers to generate value from Virtual and Augmented Reality. EventView360˚ supports the entire event management process, from planning and design, to promotion and registration, to content creation and execution.


Today, brands use Virtual and Augmented Reality for single campaigns,” says Emily Greene, VIVA’s Chief Creative. “Our goal is to help event organizers rapidly unlock the value and cost savings that VR and AR can bring to the entire event portfolio.”


The EventView360˚ suite includes strategic VR and AR services for event organizers, including:

Virtual Modeling of Event Spaces:
With VR, event organizers can fully visualize the show floor months in advance of the event. EventView360˚ offers VR modeling of event spaces to see staging, seating, sight lines, screens, and the expo floor. “We immerse event organizers in a living blueprint,” says Bob Campbell, President of Production at VIVA.


Virtual Site Inspections:
Brands no longer need to send event teams to scout multiple venues. EventView360˚ offers live venue previews in VR to give planning teams a life-like idea of what holding an event at a specific place will feel like. This saves time, money, and expedites decision making without travel costs.


360˚ Content Creation:
Creating high quality stereoscopic 360° video content requires expertise and talent. VIVA VR Studios offers industry leading technical and artistic facilities and resources to create 360° video for events.


Live VR Streaming:
Virtual Reality makes it possible for people all over the world to experience an event without physically being there. EventView360˚ includes limitless options for live VR streaming that keep people talking, connecting, and engaging with a brand – even when they cannot physically attend an event.


VR for Audience Acquisition & Promotion:
Audience acquisition is normally focused on direct marketing, outreach, and social media. EventView360˚ makes it easy for brands to use Virtual and Augmented Reality as part of a promotion strategy to acquire potential attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

VR Sponsor Value:
Virtual and Augmented reality present a new value stream for event sponsors. EventView360˚ helps brands put prospective clients, attendees, and partners into sponsored environments that create new revenue streams and lasting value.


“We are already using VR and AR for exhibitions, architecture, environment tours, and live event streaming,” says Greene. “We are also leading the way with VR and AR storytelling on multiple devices. Now, these services are integrated under


EventView360˚ to help brands optimize their VR and AR investments across the event portfolio. EventView360˚ is powered by the world-class virtual reality design services of VIVA Creative and state of the art production at VIVA VR Studios. With these two entities performing as one, conception-to-launch timelines are reduced from weeks to days and all aspects of VR and AR design and production happen under one roof.


About VIVA

Ranked among the most innovative event technology companies in the world, VIVA Creative and VIVA VR Studios help brands create marketing that moves people. Founded in 2001 by creative, production, and technology innovators, the company is headquartered in the Washington DC area with sales regions in all major markets. For more information, visit or on Twitter @VIVAcreative

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