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Vive Río” developed for RTVE (the Spanish Public Television) By inMedia Studio

THE EXPERIENCE, the spanish public radio and televisión corporation, chooses Virtual Reality for bringing the Olympic spirit to their users with ‘Heroínas: Vive Río’, an APP developed in collaboration with the spanish company inMediaStudio, an international benchmark using immersive technologies.

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This application allows enjoying five stories with which the users could live in first person the training of the most important assets for Río 2016. Athletes with high level like Gemma Mengual or Ona Carbonell dive with the users into the water to explain them how they feel and how they prepare themselves for the big date of the sport. The app is already available for iOS and Android users for immediate download!


Maialen Chourraut, bronze at London 2012 in the Whitewater discipline; Beatriz Ferrer Salat, in her sixth Olympic participation in Classical Dressage; the National Rhythmic Gymnastics team, pursuing a podium position after achieved the gold in Atlanta 96; and the National Women’s Rugby 7 Team, a returning sport in the Olympic Games 80 years later, are the others protagonists of the immersive stories, a thriving narrative at the international media.



Heroinas: Vive Rio is the first immersive application of developed to be available on all the windows and platforms where you can show Virtual Reality contents from Google cardboard to HMD more potent as Oculus CV1 or HTC Vive. But also can enjoy the content without VR glasses with hosted web version



The interface of this immersive experience unprecedented is presented with motion graphics and VR holographic effects in an integrated layer over the real 360º image that react to user interaction with the look . That allows capture their attention and give pills of information they offer a educational dimension of the project.

The protagonists and the characteristic instruments of their Disciplines were 3D scanned, the 3D team has worked hard on texturing, modeling and remapping the sportswomen to integrate them with the greatest possible realism on the interactive menu that presents these 5 Effort and perseverance stories.



inMediaStudio has managed to develop a traceability UX system called Immersive Analytics. Through different heat maps, RTVE will get data about where the user looks at and how have lived the story.


For the shooting three types of cameras 360 , drones, underwater cams and remote control systems were used. It was shot in five locations , two of them High Performance Centres and sound has- been captured and Positioned in 360º to Increase immersion of experience. The filming became a challenge because of introducing our team in an Olympic training a few months before Río 2016.

inMediaStudio has Implemented a system of specific workflow for projects of this new audiovisual narrative which includes all points above. The production and development of the project has been carried out by a team of over 30 people . And once again it shows the potential of virtual reality as a tool of empathy, learning and communication , which will show the intimacy of the training of these heroines , who have dreamed for four years with the Olympic challenge .
“ Heroinas : Vive Rio “ was presented at the broadcast live conference press in studies of Torrespaña RTVE as his great step to the innovation in all its special program for Rio 2016 , will be available for download in all stores and platforms VR in late July and in its desktop version


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