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VR 2017: Mainstream’s Top Picks

The adult industry has long enjoyed a reputation as being a technology leader, and this reputation continues today, as virtual reality continues to capture its share of the consumer marketplace, buoyed by the latest in VR porn.


The upcoming XBIZ 2017 event in Hollywood will feature the cutting edge of adult VR, with highlights including a demo of Terpon’s revolutionary 3D VR cam system. XBIZ will also present its “VR Porn: 2017’s State of the Art” panel, featuring VR experts such as Terpon’s Jean-Claude Artonne; HoloFilm Productions’ Anna Lee; Fabian Grey of AliceX; NaughtyAmerica’s Ian Paul; RubyVR’s Michael Donohue; CAM4VR’s Ela Darling; Daniel Abramovich of VR Bangers; Gamelink’s Jeff Dillon; and’s Angie Rowntree.


The camming- and content-heavy show agenda will doubtlessly touch on the topic of VR in many other sessions, broadening the industry’s base of knowledge, as this new medium leaves the lab for a place in your living room.

While porn may be a significant factor in driving the mass-market adoption of VR tech, mainstream producers are also taking the field with new content, and setting new standards for immersion and presence.


TechCrunch authors Rebecca Friedman and Jacob Mullins recently revealed their Top 10 VR picks for the New Year, providing a glimpse of mainstream media’s movements on this new technology front.


This list includes such notable offers as YouTube VR, named the “Best Web VR Experience,” which TechCrunch notes is made up of “a surprisingly robust collection of VR experiences that span from high production content to fast and furious user generated content.”


Other notable finds include the “Batman: Arkham VR” for the new Sony Playstation VR, the social VR gaming space “Rec Room,” and “Ritchie’s Plank Experiment,” that is sure to stun a user’s senses. For the complete Top 10 list of VR picks, click here.


While the value proposition of adult VR is completely different than mainstream VR (e.g. a porn scene vs. a big budget movie or video game), anyone interested in adult VR content creation and technology owes it to their company’s future to spend a few minutes exploring mainstream’s top examples as we head into 2017. Doing so will help you learn how adult’s wares can embrace all that VR has to offer. To learn more about the 2017 XBIZ Show and its showcasing of VR technology, click here.


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