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VR & AR World Ecosystem Map/ Landscape Initiative: Industry Database, Archive, Directory

By VR & AR Ecosystem Map Team

We are a group of VR & AR enthusiasts, evangelists, tech geeks, coders and developers from different cities in Southern California. While immersing ourselves in VR & AR games and app, we also recognize and see VR & AR as the next giant wave of global technology revolution since the world wide web and smart phone, that will forever change the way we live, interact and communicate. This VR/AR landscape and database will be ever-growing!

While researching, we’d encountered an issue, as VR & AR industry picking up momentum since early 2015, couple thousands startups, if not more, have entered the industry. It is nearly impossible for us to remember, recognize each and every company and startup.

vr ecosystem map world

VR & AR Ecosystem Map Team Vision for the Ongoing Project

As we digest mass amount of daily VR & AR related news feeds from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, news outlets and etc… We had stumbled upon various well-designed and fantastic VR & AR landscape, directories, database and indexes, however, we had the urge to build our own database the way we like it to be. We have tried our best to place each VR & AR company and startup into a category that best fits.

Our vision is for this VR & AR Ecosystem Map to be a complete VR/AR landscape and a complimentary tool to the VR & AR database available today, together, users will be able to learn, research about VR & AR. Startups will be able to gain more exposure and become more accessible to VR & AR-passionate and enthusiastic people from outside the VR & AR industry. This is an ongoing project, we will try our best to update the database, and we do welcome any suggestion, partnership proposal, and banner space inquiries. However, please understand that we are a small team, but we’ll try our best to make this VR & AR global database an user-friendly and well-structured tool!

Cheers and see you inside,

Chuck from VR & AR Ecosystem Map Team

Author: VR Reporter

I am a hi-tech enthusiast, VR evangelist, and a Co-founder & Chief Director at Virtual Reality Reporter!

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