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Major Support for New VR Arcade Conference – The First VR Gaming and Out-of-Home Entertainment Virtual Reality Conference

The organizers of the first VR Arcade Conference (May 2nd to 4th, 2016) have seen an incredible take-up in support for the event from Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors since its early announcement. With less than a week to go before the ground-breaking three-day event takes place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California; the latest list of supporters has been announced.

Event Sponsors

The event has seen support from leading developers and investors in the Out-of-Home entertainment community, and those breaking into this fascinating new business sector of the Virtual Reality market. The VR Arcade Conference is proud to announce that one of the Gold Sponsors for the event is Vizuality Studio – a company elevating the level of immersion implemented across a broad spectrum of industries- from architecture and design to virtual tourism and simulation. An example of their latest technology will be on display on the exhibition floor. Silver Sponsor Nolan Heimann will offer valuable legal advice on movement forward in this new sector.

Speaker & Panellist Sessions

Followed by the keynote presentation from Kevin Williams of KWP and the DNA Association, a packed roster of speakers and sessions has been organized to define the opportunities and issues in supporting the VR Arcade initiative. Panel sessions on the first day will feature speakers from Zero Latency, Vizuality Studio, Virtual World Arcade and MantisVR, while a second session that day will include representatives from Figment Productions, Enterspace, Virsix andMediaMation. VR Software and Hardware panel sessions will include representatives from OSVR, PhaseSpace, VirZoom, VicoVR, Praevidi and Tactical Haptics. While Silica Nexus will be presenting on cross-immersive game systems incorporating VR.

Presenting on the second-day Nolan Heimann, attorneys and advisors in the VR and gaming fields will be giving a detailed presentation on the successful steps needed to champion, and protect, ideas in this emerging business space. There will also be a number of Tutorials and Tech Talks from leading companies in this space expanding on discussions in previous panel sessions.

Exhibitor Floor

The Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, exhibition floor will also play an important element in promoting opportunities afforded by VR Arcade development. Many aspects of the public-space application of VR will be covered during the three-day event, with some 30 exhibitors filling this space. The organizers have announced that on the show floor VirZoom will have a number of their new ‘VirZoom Bike’ systems available for use during the event.

A crowded exhibition floor will also see PhaseSpace bring their motion tracking technology, with demonstrations planned during the course of the convention. To support the premise of the conference to help develop a methodology to grow this business, and create an infrastructure to produce successful content – the organizers have revealed that the OSVR Software Platform will be available at the hackathon, which is due to take place on the third-day of the event, and development kits will be made available by OSVR to all attendees wishing to use it.


Trade & Media

Along with Media Partner The Stinger Report, the VR Arcade Conference is supported by leading amusement trade publications RePlay Magazine, and InterGame, underlying the importance shown by the media in promoting new opportunities in immersive entertainment impacting the current amusement industry. The conference is also supported by VR media outlets such as VR Nerds and Innovation & Tech Today. The DNA Association is partnering with this important event to bolster its support to its members in the Out-of-Home Entertainment industry.
This year’s first VR Arcade Conference is all set for a large attendance of those keen to learn about the opportunity VR in the public-space has to offer; the event will open its doors at the Computer Museum at 8am on the 2nd of May, 2016. With an extensive line-up of speakers, and a crowded exhibition floor, this inaugural event expects to become a staple on the conference circuit for interactive and immersive entertainment. The full Agenda of the speakers, panel sessions and exhibitors, can be found here: http://www.virtualworldarcade.com/vr-arcade-conference-may-2016.html


About VR Arcade Conference:

Launched in 2016, the event plans to bring leading players in the VR Arcade, VR Studio and Hardware manufacturing space together. It offers an ideal environment to learn more about the opportunities and benefits of the latest hardware and software in this sector, and start to set standards that will shape development, licensing and innovation in this important sector. The event will also be the first to incorporate a hackathon for developers and publishers to experiment and innovate ideas in this field.

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