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VR Bangers Launches Play'a Virtual Reality App

VR Bangers has released its freshly updated Play’a app, calling it “the only virtual reality player that you will ever need.”

According to the company, while it has already provided fans with the VRB Player that gives them many features, it is legacy software; and as times change and people become more demanding, it is very important to meet their current needs. Thus, it has updated and rebranded this application.

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“How many VR porn studios have their own VR players? Exactly!” asks VR Bangers’ CTO Boris Smirnoff. “We were the first and the only to offer such service to our fans, and as we wanted to keep on raising the bar for our members, we thought that it was right about time to update the application and provide it with some modern functions and an entirely new interface that will make it even more convenient.”

“It took some time and resources,” Smirnoff says, “but it definitely was worth the effort!”

The updated application features a new user interface and VR environment and thanks to its timeline option, it is now possible to skip the intro and browse to favorite points, as well as to quickly jump to the “pop shot” moment to go straight to the most anticipated fragment of every VR porn video.

Play’a provides fans with settings for tilting, scaling, height, aspect ratio, and color adjustment with brightness, contrast and saturation, to tailor VR porn experiences exactly to the user’s preferences, while boasting realistic head tracking technology, so all of these features can be set up with convenience in an easy, straightforward way.

“The biggest problem with the immersion experienced during watching some VR porn films is that we can’t take care of everything from our side,” VR Bangers’ producer Xander Jones explains. “We can make sure that our VR porn films are as good and high-quality as possible, but apart from that it is all in our viewers’ hands.”

“With the introduction of our sophisticated app, we took care of another factor, taking control of even more incentives affecting the immersion experienced by our fans,” Jones adds, “and to us, that is exactly something a professional VR porn producer should think of when trying to provide a premium service.”

All VR Bangers’ titles watched through the app are available in the highest acquirable resolution, from 4K through 5K and up to 6K UHD in smooth 3D 60fps. Movies are listed by sexual positions and categories and are available both online and after downloading to a user’s device. Play’a also supports third-party VR videos in 180/360-degree 3D up to 8K UHD — and all of that is possible even if the user doesn’t have a VR headset, as the app works both with the desktop and mobile devices. There is also a “panic mode” for those who can’t be sure of their privacy during their VR sessions.

“Some people ask me, why do we even care so much?” says VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich. “We do such things because we care.”

“The VR Bangers’ mission has always been to be the best and to think differently from other studios,” Abramovich concludes. “Thanks to the Play’a app, our users will be able to enjoy our virtual reality porn in an easier and more convenient way than ever before — and that is exactly something that fits the style and the initial mission of our company.”

For more information or to download the Play’a app for smartphone, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Oculus Go or Windows Mixed Reality, click here.

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