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VR Bangers Looks to Future With ‘Time Capsule’ Custom Video Service

With a goal of helping lovers preserve their sexuality as the years pass by, adult VR producer VR Bangers has taken personal erotica to the next level with the recent launch of its “Time Capsule” custom virtual reality video production service.

“Time is rushing inexorably by and we cannot do anything about it. With aging, it is natural that our bodies change; but this does not mean that the deep desires and the passion felt for our sexual partners and significant others must disappear along with our youth,” a rep said.

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With that concept in mind, VR Bangers is now offering its proprietary Time Capsule VR experience for couples: a technologically advanced custom video production service that makes “time travel” possible in the virtual world.

As part of the service, VR Bangers will record a couple’s sexual encounter in 6K ultra high definition VR video along with binaural audio, which the pair can playback at a future date, using synchronized headsets to relive moments of their former glory — forming perhaps the perfect anniversary tradition.

“I have always dreamed about time travel and I am incredibly excited to actually make it happen as a part of my professional and creative work,” VR Bangers’ CEO Daniel Abramovich said. “Even though we spend most of our days creating new VR adult fantasies for our growing community of fans and members, we also invest a decent amount of our resources on developing new technologies and solutions, and the Time Capsule initiative is our newest discovery that we are finally ready to share with the entire world.”

Each encounter must be shot in a synchronized manner, using timers for each position of both partners. After the production phase is complete — which can be filmed with or without the crew around, for the users’ convenience and comfort — the entire sexual session is preserved in VR. Later, couples can view the scene together, using paired headsets, allowing them to re-enact their exact movements, with the system informing them about upcoming sexual positions and providing guidance to maintain the sensuality of this intimate intercourse.

VR Bangers’ producer, Xander Jones, revealed the Time Capsule project is not a beta version and that the studio has made these custom clips before.

“We have worked with many celebrity couples, and before the disclosure of the service to the public we gave a head start to some friends. They have tested how it all works and gave us the feedback we needed,” Jones explained. “Naturally, we cannot disclose the names of our clients, which is a part of the agreement signed with every single one of the Time Capsule’s users.”

The service starts at $10,000 and climbs depending on many factors, such as specific client requests, with an average of $15,000 to cover the costs of planning, shooting, editing and post-production, along with the rental of a beautiful location, based on the client’s preference. Playback only requires a pair of VR headsets.

“Elon Musk is making rockets that will fly to Mars — and we are adult movie producers, making time-traveling finally possible with our own proprietary technologies,” Marketing Director Igor Zhivago said. “When we announced this service publicly for the very first time, we received over 1,500 emails in the first five days — and even though it does not mean that we have recorded 1,500 sessions already, the interest is enormous and we are going to have our hands full.”

For more information on the Time Capsule service, click here.

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