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VR Bangers Releases Straight, Trans Video Scenes

VR Bangers has announced the release of new scenes for its VRB Straight and VRB Trans sites, both shot in 180-degree 3D 6K UHD.

First up, Chelsea Marie is a beautiful transsexual vampire in VR Bangers Trans’ newest virtual reality fantasy, “Cum to Dracula,” based on the classic Hollywood horror movie.

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According to the studio, “Cum to Dracula” was based on one of the most popular vampiric movies in the history of Hollywood, “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,” featuring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas.

“Interview with the Vampire from 1994 is one of the most important movies in Hollywood history, playing a huge role in the vampiric films’ development and being an inspiration for many other gothic films produced after this classic — and now also for the newest VR Bangers’ production,” VR Bangers producer Alex Nash explains. “We liked this idea a lot and always wanted to turn it into one of our sexual fantasies, so as soon as we found the appropriate combination of a girl and an idea we started shooting, and… there it is.”

Nash says that rather than sucking blood, the vampire in this scene enjoys “more pleasant fluids.”

“When we were wondering how we could turn this film into an amazing and sexy VR porn fantasy, there [were] a lot of different ideas going in heads of the entire production team,” Alex adds. “After a huge brainstorm, it turned out that we could copy the main storyline from the popular movie, changing no more and no less but the most ‘worrying’ part of the whole process — and even though this is a rather hardcore TS VR porn video, we completely got rid of the blood theme and, I believe, it worked out just great for us.”

“Cum to Dracula” is available here.

Next up, Krissy Lynn plays the role of a jealous mom trying to make her stepson happy in VR Bangers’ newest MILF fantasy, “Mothers Know Best.”

According to the studio, “Mothers Know Best” depicts a situation in which the viewer is about to introduce a new girlfriend to their stepmother, who has her own opinion of what is the best for her beloved little boy.

“Family affairs is a daily thing in every regular guy’s life, which is one of the reasons why MILF movies are so popular,” Nash explains. “Most of us have at least once faced a similar situation, and since here, at VR Bangers, we just love to base [our scenes] on real life scenarios, we had to make a VR porn fantasy out of it sooner or later.”

Nash appreciates Lynn’s positive attitude and how it impacted the scene.

“When I pitched this idea to Krissy, I was positively surprised by her reception of this scenario and she seemed to like it as much, as if it could have happened in her real life,” Nash concludes. “She was a great pick for this VR porn movie and it was a pleasure to work with her — which is, in my opinion, clearly visible when you look at the atmosphere of this sex scene.”

“Mothers Know Best” is available here.

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