Virtual Reality Bangers Releases New Scene: Resident-Evil-Village Featuring Alyx Star

Explore the Village of Resident Evil thanks to VR Bangers for the First Time in Virtual Reality!

A lot of people watch Netflix, HBO GO, and other similar VOD platforms these days, right? Yeah – which means that TV shows from those are super-popular lately and that every single one of us has a favorite series. This also means that professional VR porn movie producers like VR Bangers keep on making new VR porn parodies of these TV shows – but what about games? Are they worth VR sex parodies, too? Well, not all of them, but these most popular ones like Resident Evil: Village definitely are!

VR Bangers have just released a brand-new VR porn fantasy with this very theme and based on the latest episode of the world-famous Resident Evil series. Since the tall vampiric diva, Lady Dimitrescu, became so popular all over the world and horny fans of Resident Evil games kept on Googling porn with this evil mistress, VR Bangers have decided to give them all a treat by making her real in their immersive virtual reality.
Resident Evil Village (A XXX Parody) is a virtual reality porn experience inside of which super-hot and busty Alyx Star became the super-famous Lady Dimitrescu. Inside of this virtual reality porn fantasy you wake up in Lady Dimitrescu’s office – you have been caught by her servants and now your life completely depends on her decisions and her humor. She wants to taste your blood now, but she will not be satisfied with your slowly running juice. She needs you to get excited and turned on to make your heart pumping it way faster, and then she will be finally able to appreciate the true taste of your red essence. She knows how to make you feel like that and she is well-aware of her feminine shapes– she will first show you her true beauty on behalf of this VR porn video, and then suck your cock, eventually to even fuck you… and all that to make your blood way sweeter.

Is the price of getting your veins sucked worth being paid when you will get your cock sucked first?

Wear your VR goggles to find out whether you are willing to pay that wage – VR Bangers' Lady
Dimitrescu is already waiting for your veins… including that huge one that goes straight in the middle of your cock!

“We don’t do too many parodies of games, but we just had to commemorate this one,” says Ivan Harbakon, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Lady Dimitrescu from the last episode of this scary series became so popular that we kept on wondering how we could make her real on behalf of our virtual reality – and thanks to Alyx Star it was all possible and we are glad that we decided to make this game one of our virtual reality porn fantasies in the immersive ultra-high definition!”

If you are ready to meet with VR Bangers’ vampiric mistress, you will be able to do that after going straight to this newest VRB’s VR porn experience over here.

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