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VR Bangers 2018 Studio Review

About VR Bangers

Nominated for the 2018 XBIZ “Best Virtual Reality Site”, VR Bangers is a leader in virtual reality porn industry. They were early pioneer offering near same level of quality production in the industry such as Naughty America, Badoink, and Wankz VR.

The company staffs a roster of top world class performers. They are one of the best selling studios at the moment, and it’s obvious why they are at the top of the leader board. The site feature a young looking professional models, as opposed to amateur or European performers such as featured on Czech VR or VirtualRealPorn.

One last bang

Image credit: VR Bangers

The company also take part working with society to offer adult VR content for medical purposes. CEO Daniel Abramovich says,

“We’re proud of being the first VR Adult Entertainment company in the world to provide this kind of technology for people in Fertility Centers, like work we are doing with USC Los Angeles. In the coming months I look forward to bringing relief to many other clinics around the world,”

Millions of people visit fertility centers for IVF to help them seed and incubate healthy new family members. Except IVG can come with some awkward moments. For instance, getting the actual sperm specimens can be tricky. The male is asked to masturbate into a cup, while siting in a strange room at a clinic. This setting can sometimes cause difficulties to perform the task. In the past, clinics sometimes provide old magazines that have the “greasy” fingerprints, or perhaps some outdates adult DVDs.

“The virtual reality unit from VR Bangers offers the patient an opportunity to leave, in a virtual way, the stressful environment of the collection room and makes the experience more pleasant.” explained Dr. Richard Paulson of the USC Los Angeles Fertility Center.

Headsets are preloaded with VR porn experiences. Clients are immediately teleported to another world beyond a clinically asexual room. The erotic experience allow a person to be anywhere, while presented sexual fantasies featuring amazing performances .

VR Bangers Subscription Fees

1 day trial – $0.99

2 Months – $19.80 ($0.33/day)

6 Months – $48.60 ($0.27/day)

2 years – $94.90 (0.13/day)

With exception of the 1 day trial, a membership plan will provide access to to full VR library and VR game.

Payment solutions are through CCbill and EPOCH, both trustworthy billing solution provider. If you are concern about privacy issues, VR Bangers ensure that your wife looking the monthly statement will not come after you.

Special Deals

For a limited time offer, VR Bangers is offering buy one month get one free special discount.

Image credit: VR Bangers

User Review

Producing VR porn content is not as easy as you think. A little while back VR Bangers stopped publishing two new scenes every week. However, recent addition of human resources, they have resumed two new scenes per week.

VR Bangers videos can be viewed on Cardboard, Gear VR, Daydream, PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus. Recent launch of VR Bangers App enables user to access over one hundred videos through the application. CTO Boris Smirnoff says,

“Now you can simply put on a headset and enjoy free VR porn videos or trailers before signing up to watch fully immersive VR sex scenes. We custom designed this app to be as user friendly as possible, streaming virtual reality experiences at the highest quality directly within the app. There is also a download option for those who don’t have a very fast Internet connection and for collectors that want to keep the scenes in their own private library.”

User are able to choose a avatar, save favorite scenes, search through categories, choose positions, while doing it with smooth head tracking.

“It’s all in top quality 360 degree or 180 degree versions with the option to play VR items from your hard drive. So there is no need to have any other VR Players on your computer which makes everything much more simple. The VRB Player uses the top VR and video streaming SDK’s and a smart caching system to make the app faster than any other VR app available on the adult market. Best of all, it’s 100 percent free so you can test it for yourself.”

Which headset to use

Entry level

Cardboard – the most economical for those who’s just testing out water to try VR. However, definitely not the best immersive experience. We highly recommend that you spend a little more for better experience.

Gear VR – this is a great headset for those who already own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This mobile VR headset was a collaboration between Oculus and Samsung. The headset is equipped with touchpad for navigation, and accessing button to change volume and focus.

Medium level

Oculus Go -Facebook owned Oculus aims to renew it’s low-end mobile VR headset. This $199 standalone headset is estimate to ship early 2018. It will have 3-degrees of freedom and does not require a smartphone or computer. The headset will have built-in display and integrate audio.

Advance level

Pimax 8K – currently pixel density and screen door effect is a major hurdle to enjoying virtual reality content. Recent review shows that the Pima 8K is close to closing the gap of enjoying a perfect resolution experience. The company recently finished off their Kickstarter campaign breaking the Oculus record, raising over 4 million USD to release their VR headset in 2018.

Oculus Santa Cruz – standalone headset will feature 6 degrees of freedom, enabling user to walk around in a scene. With the advent of Lytro volumetric experiences, we can only envision future VR porn scenes produced with depth.

Last but not least, we always recommend HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR for viewing VR Bangers content.

How to watch VR Bangers Videos

See our viewing instruction here

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