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Fusion TV Goes Behind the Scenes With VR Bangers

VR Bangers is on a production roll and some popular media outlets are taking notice.

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According to the company, Fusion TV recently took a look behind the scenes of a VR Bangers shoot in Las Vegas, unveiling the secrets of achieving a sense of sexual immersion using this new video medium.

“Due to the fact that each new technology raises some controversy at the beginning and the process of transition to new standards is usually difficult and demanding for the producers, it is not surprising that so [few] studios have decided to produce their content in VR,” says a VR Bangers spokesperson. “The makers who decided to take this bold and innovative step forward went a long way while discovering the tech, but some of them have done it very well and now can boast of great success in this field.”

During the 13-minute segment, VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich company answers some frequently asked questions and explains his production process and more, saying, “Everything is possible within the virtual reality” — a stance the company calls “a solid point of reference for his upcoming moves.”


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