VR CosplayX : When Fantasy Becomes Reality

You might feel that adult VR porn is a new niche, but with a increasing number of adult VR sites available, we are starting to experience more sites dedicated to specific niches preferences. One such category is with the world of cosplay porn, so we have written a full VRCosplayX review for you guys.

What is VRCosplayx?

VR CosplayX is a top VR site for adults only. Their exclusive VR porn videos put you in every scene! You do not need look at porn the traditional way again. Today’s hottest adult performers are inside VR CosplayX, performing in immersive virtual reality for the very first time.

What do I need to watch VRCosplayX

To start enjoying VR CosplayX, all you need is to subscribe to a membership and a VR headset. The company is giving away virtual reality headsets, their version of Google Cardboard. To get your free pair, simply join VR CosplayX.  If you have a VR  headset already, great! VR CosplayX supports nearly all VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, and Gear VR.

Do I need a VR headset to watch the videos

All you need is a smartphone to experience motion tracking functionality, a feature prominent to the VR experience. However, to experience full virtual reality immersion with 3D, using with a headset is a must. You can get a free pair of VR goggles from them by joining VR CosplayX ! Or you can buy them directly from Google Cardboard.

VR CosplayX Review: Content and Design

VR CosplayX is operated by the same company as Badoink VR, which is one of our top producer in the best virtual reality porn reviews roundup, so your hopes are should already pretty substantial for the quality of the content currently available, while more being produced as we speak. 

Apparently, as a niche porn in VR site instead of general VR site means that there are less content available to subscribers than with the primary BadoinkVR site, for instance, but the scene do tend to be more over ten minutes longer than most of Badoink’s other virtual reality content. Yet, what makes this site super special is that their episodes are all created upon requests from Badoink's members. So when you look a VRCosplayX scene, you are literally living up to someone else’s erotic fantasy. 

In sum, at the time of this writeup, there are currently around 100+ videos at about 40 minutes and is viewable via stream or download. These are compatible for the usual lineup of VR devices: Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR, and Android/iOS smart devices, Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. If you prefer to install Badoink’s own video player for downloads and streaming, you will want to download Free VR Player. For our review, we used VAR’s VR Player Pro, which appeared to provide the optimum results with a Samsung Galaxy S8+. We also compared it with the AAA VR Cinema.

Unlike many other studio who seem to have shot ten different scenes in one day with the same stars, most scenes featured different adult performers, so there’s not too much overlap among the performers currently in the catalog.

With less videos available than other studio, the lack of filters to navigate the site doesn’t matter as much, as you will likely discover yourself seaching through the available clips, rather than seeking a specific video via a category tag. 

A new scene is produced each week, which implies that the available scenes grows fast enough, while certain weeks you get two new clips instead of one, but typically, one new scene is the standard for VR CosplayX. 

VR CosplayX videos are all specially themed, as you would expect. So you have titles like Suicide Squad: A XXX Parody, xXx Men, Bioshock: XXX Parody, Dino Crisis, and a whole lot more to explore. 

From the VR scenes we reviewed, most takes a few minutes at the start to make the most of the cosplay theme, but then quickly turns into much like a regular VR porn video. Not that it is a bad thing, just don’t subscribe with the expectation that any attempt to tell a story just because there are costumes.

That’s probably not a deal breaker for most people though. There are occasional special effects, like smoke in the Harry Pudderparody.

We went for the high quality options for some downloads, which are about on par with those tested at primary BadoinkVR site. We didn’t particularly enjoy the image quality when using the Free VR Player, but other apps gave better results.

HQ downloads of 40 minutes clips are about 3.5GB per scene, though this obviously differs according to those same factors.

VRCosplayX Review: Price

Membership subscription to VRCosplayX come in ‘Rookie‘, ‘The Boss‘, or ‘God‘ packages, with the difference between the latter two being whether you sign up on a month-by-month, or pay for a full year at one once.

Paying for a whole year works out far cheaper in the long-run, so those big fans of VR cosplay porn, we probably see you end up wanting an ongoing subscription. You might as well bite the bullet and save in the annual package. 


Rookie: This option is a ’sampler’ for the wider catalog. For $1 you can get access to a single download or stream for a one day. 




  • Single download
  • Or stream for one day

This is for cosplay zealots that want VR Cosplay porn all year round. Paying more upfront will lower your monthly cost right down to $5.95 per month, making a single payment of $71.40 per year.




  • Bill one-time

As new scenes are added each week, you can expect the catalog to grow tremendously through the year. 

VRCosplayX Review: Is it Worth It?

Porn in VR for cosplay fans is an interesting proposition in that it’s the only site dedicated to cosplay porn, all of the scenes are in high resolution and is easy to navigate and watch. On the downside, there are fewer videos in comparison to other porn in VR sites, but the catalog is being increased regularly to allow cosplay fans interest sparked, at one new scene is added each week.

On a more positive site, that means that it takes less time to find something you want to watch, and simply to filter by your favorite adult performer, though each has only been in one particular scene so far, yet the quality of the scenes on the whole is good from a technical standpoint.

What you might regard as a disadvantage might actually contribute to a compelling reasons for you to want to subscribe to VRCosplayX, that is, the price.

Although there are less videos in the available catalog, the annual subscription price is far lower than a regular other adult VR porn sites, reasonably priced at just over $71 for a entire year. It is noteworthy to mentioned that all the plans also include access to BaDoinkVIP, which has over ten thousand traditional 2D videos available to stream and download. That's really a lot of content in our opinion. 

Why my videos wouldn't download

First step is to to clear your mobile browser’s cache, delete any cookies. Then try everything over again. If you are still unable to download any videos, please contact their support team.

How to I restore my login details

You can retrieve your login details by clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? on the VR CosplayX login page.

What is Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a VR goggle created by Google that works with your smartphone. Historically, and even today, virtual reality headsets are regarded expensive. Google Cardboard is a low-cost alternative that allows anyone the ability to experience VR using a smartphone. The company created their own version of Google Cardboard, You can get a FREE headset from them by joining VR CosplayX

How do I use my Google Cardboard

Whether you got your Google Cardboard from Google or your FREE VR GOGGLES from VRCosplayx, the process is the same. Launch their FREE VR APP on your smartphone, then slide your phone into the fold-out cardboard mount. That’s all you need! 

Do I need any app to watch the videos

You do, but they have created a VR App, and it’s free. 

Free VR Player

The FreeVRPlayer is a free app in the App Store and Google Play. Use it to download, watch and store all of your VR videos on your smartphone.

Download Android version of FREEVRPLAYER
Download iPhone version of FREEVRPLAYER.

Once you have the app installed, just click Download Video within the members area and the video will automatically start downloading in the FREEVRPLAYER app. If you download your videos to your pc and then move it to your phone, you’ll need to choose the settings to properly watch it:

Top VR Porn Companies in 2019 



Naughty America VR

Naughty America is San Diego based award winning studio . This company has been at the forefront of the adult VR industry since the beginning of the VR porn revolution. Their expertise in producing adult content is a key to their success in 360 porn. The company is also working on new AR applications which was showcased at CES in 2019. 


Wankz VR

WankzVR is top quality site featuring all-star lineups of fabulous looking VR porn performers. Their videos are compatible with FeelVR app which is synch-able with VR sex toys, Fleshlight Launch. Wankz VR subscription will includes access to a library of 2D content. 




Spanish-based VirtualRealPorn is one of the earliest pioneer in VR Porn, and they were previously known as OculusRealPorn before the name change. These guys were the first site to offer adult content in virtual reality. Over the past few years , VirtualRealPorn is still consider a leading studios in the world. They currently have one of the biggest VR catalog in porn. Since then they have launched several niche sites such as VirtualRealGay, VirtualRealtrans, VirtualRealPassion, VirtualRealAmateur, and also VR Love which was a VR sex game. 

VR Bangers review


VR Bangers

VR Bangers is one of the prestigious player in the adult VR industry. For those who's looking for high quality content, you should definitely check out VR Bangers as this studio always feature fabulous looking performers in their scenes. They also subsequently launched a VR tube site, sex game, and a special app for viewing their content.



Badoink VR

Badoink VR is the winner of the AVN 2018 Best Virtual Reality Site, they are indeed a top studio with amazing content. A quick look at their catalog, you will discover the biggest performers in the adult industry. We believe this is one studio with top quality content but you will be paying a premium price.

Czech VR Review


Czech VR

Czech VR is our favorite amateur studio from Europe. Most of their performers have fresh faces. So if you are tired of watching the same adult performers over and over again, Czech VR offered a huge library of Czech heritage stars. 

reality lovers porn scene


Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers has a amazing catalog of beautiful performers. With over 200 scenes, this company provide nice mixture of POV and voyeur action. One cool feature is they allow you to choose your perspective. With POV, puts you in the position as if you are part of the action, whereas "voyeur" puts you in the room observing the action. 

reality lovers porn scene


Adult Festa VR

This site is for those that are into Japanese adult videos. Adult Festa VR is a unique Japanese distribution platform for porn in VR, featuring censored Japanese adult VR content.  

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