To the most of us, staying clean and maintaining hygiene is a basic need in life, especially during a tough time like COVID-19.  

For hardcore gamers who enjoy playing calorie burning games such as Beat Saber or SuperhotVR, it’s not uncommon that after an hour of play time to find yourself sweating like you have just worked out from the gym. Or for those who just experienced some adult VR content.

The amount of residual body fluid from yourself or another person left on the VR headset is something considered to be quite disgusting for most people. 

How to Keep Your VR Headset Clean After Sweaty Usage

VR Cover was founded in 2014, at the very early stage of VR revolution during the period of the Oculus DK1 and DK2. A group of VR enthusiasts discovered this apparent problem with the VR cover foam becoming increasingly sweaty and oily, and the unpleasant experience that it shared with its users. 

The company’s original idea was to create a cover for the headset similar to the idea of a pillow cover, so it would absorb whatever is left on it and can be easily washed. Each VR headset user would have their own cover, so no one would have to share a dirty headset with another person's face. 

While experimenting with different replacement foams, the company has learned how to design with material that provided the most comfort, and enhancing the overall VR experience. The idea is to use the foam that is easiest to clean, and changing the foam density for comfort, and changing the thickness to alter the field of view. 

As of today, VR Cover have designed hygiene covers for almost every major headset on the market such as the Oculus, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices. 

Currently available covers include:

Oculus Quest

Oculus Rift

Oculus Go

Valve Index

HTC Vive

Window Mixed Reality

Samsung Gear VR

Keep Oculus Clean

100% cotton VR Cover for Oculus

The 100% cotton cover helps user to make VR experiences more enjoyable, an ideal accessory for intense and high energy consumption games. The cover was designed to be attached to the stock facial gasket, and it also serves as protection from stray hair or dust. 

Each purchase comes in a pack of two, so you can swap the cover for cleaning and not have to deal with any down time during the cleaning periods. 

The cover is easy to install with the elastic straps, and can be easily adjustable so that you can mold the foam for a tight and secure fit. 

The cover is machine-washable and reusable. VR Cover recommends washing it with cold water and hang dry for best care. 

The cover can be used with the glasses space, as it slips over the top of the foam and does not get in the way with the spacer underneath. 

Please keep in mind that cover for Quest 2 will only work for Quest 2, and will not be compatible with other versions such as the Oculus Rift or Oculus Go, or other discontinued models. 

Silicon Cover for Oculus Quest 2

The medical-grade silicon material for the Quest 2 was designed to create a protective barrier between your face and the stock foam. The material provided insulation and stops sweat from permeating through the foam, and it also prevent the foam from getting worn out quickly from regular use. 

The cover wrap around the face to reduce movement of the headset during workouts, and it’s a great for hygiene as it can be cleaned simply with a anti-bacterial wipe, or washed with soap and water. 

Certain people may experience skin reactions from oiled silicon, the silicon material used is an unoiled version. 

VR Cover for Valve Index

The Valve Index is considered a high-end VR system. If you plan on keep your premium headset clean and sanitized, the VR cover helps to keep sweat, oil dirt, and bacteria away from anyone wearing the headset. 

The cover works to protect the face gasket, while the foam replacement offers easy to clean convenience. 

VR Cover for HTC Vive

The HTC Vive was one of the first to appeal to both consumer and enterprise solutions. Needless to say, keeping the VR cover clean for the board of directors might be a good thing to do. This is why VR cover’s foam replacement is so popular, so you and your colleagues can work together and share VR experiences without be concerned with hygiene issues. 

VR Cover for Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality headsets are Microsoft’s initial offer to other VR headset maker such as Samsung, Acer, Dell, or Lenovo to introduce their headsets onto its platform. Each headset maker all encountered commonality dealing with comfort and hygiene. 

VR cover offer the solution for a soft and changeable foam replacement that can improve comfort, and enhance the Windows Mixed Reality headset experience to be more enjoyable to use. 

VR Cover for Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR has been one of the most popular mobile VR headsets to date. All you need is a smart phone and a 100 dollar headset to enjoy quality VR experience. 

VR covers offers water proof and cotton covers to protect the headset from moisture and improves the overall comfortless. 

Disposable VR cover

Universal Disposable Hygiene Covers

Many of us VR zealots have gone to VR events to try some experiences. After a long wait in line you finally put on the headset only to discover the sensation of the unpleasant warm sweat left on the headset from the previous person? 

Well, having a VR cover for a booth that runs Oculus Quest 2, means that it will not fit onto a booth that offers the Valve Index. VR headsets comes in all shapes and sizes, but each one has a need to keep the headset clean and free of bacteria. 

This is why having an universal disposable hygiene cover, you will need need to be concerned with sweat and oil from the previous users. All you have to do is to use a cover for your next VR adventure, regardless which headset is handed to you.  

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