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Focus on YOU” Dating Game in VR: Developed by Smilegate Entertainment

This new game is a dating adventure in virtual reality, gamers will be able to experience realistic, heart-racing romantic dates with a virtual female character named HAN YUA.

Get to know a cheerful yet shy, and extremely charming young high school girl: HAN YUA in virtual reality!

This will bring back the memories of your beautiful first love from your faded High School years through a realistic and virtual reality experience with a sense of intimacy that was previously unattainable in dating genre games.

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To ensure a more vivid experience featuring true to life characters, Smilegate Entertainment has researched and developed not only industry standard animation techniques, but also newer techniques such as facial motion capture and morphing.

Experience the emotions of your first love a second time through VR”

“FOCUS on YOU” will allow players to relive their first romantic relationship. Within a private VR space, players will be returned to their high school experience and enjoy a beautiful first love.

vr dating

Experience heart-fluttering conversations, unforgettable school trips, and many other emotional moments.

“Emotional connection through conversation”

Players can have actual conversations in “FOCUS on YOU”. Voice recognition technology will enable players to express their feelings to HAN YUA with their own voice.

Discover real excitement while having conversations with HAN YUA.

adult dating in vr game

“Record precious memories of daily life in photos”

In “FOCUS on YOU”, players can take photos of HAN YUA and record their shared moments. The implemented functions of cameras in the game are simple so that anyone, even beginners, can take photos easily.

Take photos of your sweet memories with HAN YUA, and make an album just for her. A gorgeous world with high-quality backgrounds is waiting for you and your camera.

“A character brought to life through high-quality facial motion capture & morphing animation techniques”

“FOCUS on YOU’s” beautiful main character HAN YUA was perfectly realized through high-quality motion capture technology. More than 100 hours were spent capturing the most natural and realistic movement possible. High-quality facial motion capture and morphing techniques were used to recreate even subtle details such as lip movements and fluttering eyelids to create a truly intimate experience.

HAN YUA will make your heart race as you discover exciting moments play out before your eyes.

“FOCUS on YOU” will be continuously updated with new stories. Players will be able to choose HAN YUA’s clothing and hairstyle from a variety of options. Players can meet their heroine HAN YUA in her debut in spring 2019.

In addition, a new heroine and story will appear in the near future.

Jump into the world of “FOCUS on YOU” with HAN YUA

Bubbly and attractive junior HAN YUA, a student in an arts high school, stars as the game’s main lead.

By using a real-life female idol as the motion capture model for HAN YUA and through appropriate direction for every scene, we have ensured that players will be able to see and sense all of our heroine’s emotions. In addition, details like her hair and even ruffles on her clothes have been carefully sculpted to enhance the realism of the game.

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