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MIXED Reality Education Launch in Canada will Revolutionize the Way 100 Million Students Learn English Worldwide

MRC Education Services Canada Incorporated, based in Canada’sCapital Region, Ottawa Ontario, has integrated their services into a joint venture with River Valley Technology Company of Beijing in People’s Republic of China to launch an innovative approach for learning and applying English language skills and knowledge. Globally accessible, this approach aims to break down conventional barriers of distance learning and give students in China the opportunity to practice and speak with their tutor Face To Face in a native language speaking environment and discuss the virtual reality world they see around them. This will afford them a continuous learning environment, accessible from anywhere with the ability to use it over time vs a more conventional classroom where classes end.

Allowing for the reallocation of educational resources anywhere in the world where there is a supply to serve the needs of students, local education services can now go international based on a global English language learning supply and demand marketplace.

The new technology being used to apply this type of learning is based on mixed reality (MR) and video over IP. Both student in China and tutor in Canada can now engage in English language conversation within the context of any scenario which is presented as a 360 video/virtual reality environment.

Opportunities to carry on a natural conversation at the base of the Eiffel tower, by the Colosseum in Rome, or by the pyramids in Egypt are now within grasp and affordability. This now takes the learned skills in English language to the next logical level of application in a close-to-real environment – that is, virtually any environment you can imagine. These numerous scenario configurations will allow for a diversity of learning for highly interesting conversations with students of any age group including mature students.

Conventional classroom English language learning and teaching has many benefits. However, our program offers the student the opportunity to apply these skills and knowledge on an ongoing and continuous basis, in the environment of virtual reality guided Face To Face by an approved tutor, on a one-on-one basis. By giving the student various topics to practice speaking about, there are now ample opportunities for learned English language skills to be applied and improved upon. With this approach, the subtleties of body language and emotion in a natural conversational exchange are also brought into play as key components to learning the social aspects of English conversation.

Mixed reality breaks down distance and space constraints by allowing a face-to-face exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions as if both teacher and student were in the same room. The student and teacher can be physically separated in any parts of the world and still be able to use this approach for highly effective learning.

Political and Economic Drivers Which Will Push Adoption of this Technological Teaching Around the World

This new and innovative way of sharing education is expected to greatly boost the social and economic growth of both Canada and China in the education industry.

Just concluded the 19th CPC National Congress, It is estimated that China will achieve modernity by 2035 and China will advanced country by 2050. At a time when the middle-class and above population will exceed 350 million people, consumer demand will increase sharply, which will also stimulate the growth of this type of learning approach.

Similarly, at the recent official visit to China by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, both leaders agreed to take further actions to open a new chapter in the CanadaChina strategic partnership. The two sides believed that the back-to-back visits by the two Leaders demonstrate a renewed commitment for a growing relationship. Recalling the conversations in Beijing, leaders of the two nations reflected on the important development of CanadaChina relations during the past 46 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, and agreed to strengthen engagement between Canada and Chinain order to foster greater economic and social benefits for both countries and to promote peace, stability and prosperity across the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.

For more information, please contact Shannon Meehan, Director of Communications, MRC Education Services Canada,


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