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VR eSport Tower Tag Coming to North America and Europe

SpringboardVR, a station management, game launching, and content distribution platform for Location-based VR will be offering Tower Tag to Location Based Entertainment locations worldwide.

Tower Tag is played at locations in more than 40 countries and has taken Asia by storm with recent tournaments having budgets of more than one million Euros and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. Pro competitive eSports teams like Aries TCK, and SAO play at their team houses and the last Tower Tag tournament had over 1.2 million live stream viewers.

LBE Operators offering Tower Tag report high utilization rates, and that it’s been a driver for repeat business with customers looking for “laser tag in VR.”

Tower Tag, one of the hottest LBE titles on the market, has previously only been available to select locations with an annual license directly from the studio. Additionally, a major tournament kicks off Nov. 2nd, hosted by Virtual Athletics League, involving VR Arcades, LBE Operators, and Tower Tag teams from all over the world.

Colin Parnell of CentreVR has been using Tower Tag for over a year at his locations and said he thinks that Tower Tag is one of the most innovative game designs in the VR world.

“Tower Tag is one of the very best single games for VR arcades out there, in my opinion,” Parnell said. “To have it added to Springboard should be an arcade owners wish come true, as they can now use one of the best titles, without the large upfront costs that we had.”

SpringboardVR worked with Hamburg-based studio VR-Nerds to bring its addictive Tower Tag title to its industry-leading network of more than 500 VR locations.

SpringboardVR’s content distribution system allows operators to quickly install the title to all of their stations and remotely batch launch players into the game as a group. Players will have to hone both their shooting and strategic positioning skills to become a Tower Tag master in what is one of VR’s most exciting competitive shooter experiences.

We’ve seen a specific strategy work incredibly well for Operators that are wanting to grow their business with Tower Tag.

Arcade Operators that are running dedicated stations for Tower Tag have seen explosive growth in their Arcades and to facilitate a standalone Tower Tag attraction, monthly and annual licensing will be available for this title.

Parnell who offers Tower Tag as a standalone experience advised other operators to “Promote it confidently, go all in, you will not regret it.”

“We offer 120 games on our “Your Choice” stations, which is what we call our Springboard launcher option, but we keep Tower Tag as a standalone,” Parnell said. “Tower Tag is a great income generator, without question. It’s popular every single day, and people return to play,”

SpringboardVR Co-Founder, Will Stackable said that Tower Tag is quite possibly the best VR Arcade title SpringboardVR has seen on the platform.

“It’s like paintball meets laser tag in VR,” Stackable said. “It’s incredibly engaging for groups and is designed from the ground up for VR Arcades. We’ve spoken with some of the Operators who have previously had Tower Tag and many said it is one of the best games available for VR Arcades.”

Co-Founder of Tower Tag Phillip Steinfatt said that since it’s initial launch, they’ve believed that Tower Tag has what it takes to become the new standard of VR eSports.

“After reaching our adoption goals in Asia, it seemed like an obvious move to partner up with other leading community builders like SpringboardVR and the Virtual Athletics League,” said Steinfatt. “Both have proven to be not only professional, but also very passionate about cultivating VR eSports in the Location-based VR communities. For content creators like us, this is a match made in heaven, and I can’t wait to get this off the ground!”

Ryan Burningham, Founder of Virtual Athletics League, said they are beyond excited to welcome Tower Tag to the Virtual Athletics League.

“It is a perfect fit in terms of style and how ready it is for VR eSports,” said Burningham. “The best teams in our league will be thrilled with the 3 v 3 style play on intense maps. The developers have clearly done their homework into what makes a watchable experience fort those at home. For the finals, we are thrilled to welcome VR Master League and their casting experience to Tower Tag. We look at the launch of this Season 1 of Tower Tag as laying the foundation for Tower Tag seasons in the future.”

About Tower Tag
Tower Tag brings Laser Tag to VR and combines eSports with virtual reality. Through a special way of locomotion, we create incredible immersion in a small physical space and also prevent motion sickness. It is an LBE eSports game that was specially developed for virtual reality and is exciting for the audience and the players to the same extent.

Tower Tag is challenging, Tower Tag is thrilling, Tower Tag is pure emotion. In order to make this as intuitive as possible, we have deliberately avoided functions and features that complicate the game such as active reloading and overwhelming weapon selection. The entire game is based on a single button, meaning that players spend less time learning and more time playing. The competitive nature of the game leads to customers wanting to play one match after the other.


About SpringboardVR
Finding the right management platform and the right content for VR Arcade Operators is difficult and time-consuming. At SpringboardVR, we make it easy by providing the best VR content and simple-to-use management tools to help Arcade Operators live out their dream of becoming thriving Entrepreneurs in a pioneering industry. Right now, more than 500 Operators in 46 countries are using SpringboardVR to successfully operate their own VR Arcade.

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About the Virtual Athletics League (VAL)
VAL is the league for VR esports. VAL runs events worldwide in more than 20 countries across a network of home and arcade users. VAL has been the tournament provider for Beat Saber, Space Pirate Trainer, Arizona Sunshine, Space Junkies, Battlewake and other competitions. We make it possible for VR athletes anywhere to start their VR eSports journey.


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