VR Fair Expo 2016 @ Zagan, Poland on 22 – 23 October 2016

VRFair2016 is rapidly taking shape with exciting vendors showcasing ChernobylVR and the makers of RiftCoaster for Oculus

VR Fair 2016 is going to be the largest VR event ever hosted in Poland co-hosted by IamVR and the Mayor of Zagan. The event has a variety of exciting Virtual and Augmented Reality companies, 360 Video products and product makers of various equipment. Simulation equipment is coming from as far as China.

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The event is bringing together the best of emerging technologies into the historic Palace famous for hosting the Congress of Vienna. The event is open to the public to come and experience and learn about Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Part of the exciting lineup includes VRVisio (formerly VROne) who made the famous RiftCoaster and TheFarm51 (recently acknowledged at the Tribeca Film Festival in NY). This event is aimed at the local community and in particular at the youth, with an aim to educate our future who will be the next generation of our technology community.


The city of Zagan is well known for the German concentration camp which was the inspiration for the MGM/UA film “The Great Escape.” The mayor has big plans for the city with a further plan to revitalize the concentration camp and to create a VR experience for the world to experience. Proceeds from this event from Sponsors and Exhibitors will be used in part to help revitalize this exciting VR project.


This event is also the first event being hosted by IamVR, who primarily have focused on raising awareness of Virtual and Augmented Reality through their website and social media channels. They plan to continue to work with the Mayor to coordinate the creation of VR Zones within Zagan including the VR Great Escape Project.


Interested parties who want to participate in the the VRFair or who wish to get involved in the Great Escape VR project are encouraged to get in touch via the VRFair2016 website (www.VRFair2016.com)


About VRFair2016: The VR / AR event being held on the 22-23 October in Zagan, Poland. (www.VRFair2016.com). Its aim is showcase the latest innovations, experience and simulations and to inspire the youth with new potential for their futures.


IamVR: Is a news and media group that goes beyond Virtual Reality to bring you latest news, videos, trailers and sneak peaks (www.IamVR.co) Ends For more information please contact: support@IamVR.co or kontakt@VRFair2016.com


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