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This weekend, October 29-30, New Epicenter in the heart of Stockholm would open its doors for all interested in cinematic VR and 360 films produced both internationally in Sweden.

This event, which is the first of its kind in a region, is dedicated to the new immersive form of art. Documentary, Animation and Fiction films from the program would be screened simultaneously at 20 Samsung Gear VR devices thanks to the sync technology represented by Russian company Interactive Lab.


Initiator and director of the festival, Elena Malakhatka sees the festival as the chance to introduce the technology to Swedish film and IT community: What we want is to make the VR experience not only be treated as a technical invention, but creative as well. That is why are represented some of the best works from all over the world to local community, as well as giving the chance for local VR producers to represent their works and see the reaction of the audience”.

VR Panorama, curated by Russian VR entrepreneur, filmmaker and co-founder of VRability project Georgy Molodtsov, consists of well-known work from Baobab Studios (“Invasion”), films by The New York Times VR (“Take Flight”, “The Displaced”, Walking New York”), ARTE 360 (“I, Philip”, “The Edge of Space”), RYOT as well as with works from independent production companies. Total of 17 films from 8 different countries would be screened in Panorama. Swedish competition includes 8 works – Documentaries, music videos and short fiction works.

Georgy Molodtsov, programming director of the festival: “VR is still treated as a stand alone experience. And we are used to watch cinema in a company of other viewers. VR Cinema technology by Interactive Lab gave us the chance to combine those two elements and give audience regular cinematic feeling combined with VR immersion. EMC VR Film Fest, which was held in Russia in June, brought attention of over 3000 viewers and had a huge impact on audience understanding of VR technology. We hope that with this festival we’ll bring more attention to VR in Sweden”.

Besides VR cinema screenings, audience would be able to test several projects developed by Interactive Lab, including “Move in VR” project which allows to move in virtual reality wirelessly using just a Gear VR headset. The day before the festival, Max Kozlov, CEO of Interactive Lab, conduct a short business presentation and consultations with local VR community and businesses.

Full program of the festival might be found at https://billetto.se/en/events/vr-film-festival

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