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FitXR’s Best-Selling Boxing-Inspired Workout Title Adapted For PSVR

FitXR, a pioneer in VR fitness games, today launched the PlayStation® VR (PSVR) adaptation of BoxVR, its award-winning, boxing-inspired workout game.

Already a hit in Early Access on Steam and Oculus, BoxVR adds several new features for the PSVR edition and expands its song library from 45 to 110. BoxVR for PSVR is priced at US$29.99; the official launch trailer can be found here. The Steam and Oculus editions will leave Early Access later this week, with all new features and content in the PSVR edition added to the other editions for platform parity. (FitXR will continue to produce new content for BoxVR on an ongoing basis.)

Described as “Guitar Hero meets studio boxing workout,” and a Top-40 best-selling VR game on Steam in 2018, BoxVR places the player in a virtual gym, with the goal of throwing, dodging and deflecting an array of punches, parries, and other moves set to music. Scoring is based on finesse and timing, as well as intensity of movements, rather than sheer strength.

Unlike fitness games of the past, BoxVR was designed in partnership with a team of professional fitness instructors boasting more than fifty years of combined experience, and features a wide range of choreographed, rhythm-based workout routines as increasingly challenging levels. It also tracks calories burned and other aspects of performance by session, day, week, etc.

“I’ve worked on a lot of games over the past 20 years, from Batman Arkham Asylum to LittleBigPlanet, and BoxVR has been the most rewarding to design and build,” said Mark Stephenson, Head of Game Design at FitXR. “For PSVR we’ve tripled down on one of the big reasons BoxVR has been such a hit with Steam and Oculus users: the breadth and depth of the content, enabling players of all kinds to mix and match songs and routines to suit their specific tastes and workout intensities.”

New features and content in the PSVR adaptation of BoxVR include:

50+ New Music Tracks have been added, bringing the total at launch to 110. Ranging from Hip-Hop to Disco, the music tracks are designed to synch with BoxVR’s dozens of choreographed routines.

11 New Choreographed Routines brings the current total to 45 – all scripted by FitXR’s team of personal trainer consultants – and covers all category of user from couch potato to triathlete.

New Trophy System (including Platinum Trophy) tracks user progress and celebrates various milestones (calories burned, punches thrown, etc.).

New MyWorkouts Feature allows players to build custom playlists from among the 110 available tracks. Combined with the extensive library of routines, players can create an almost infinite variety of unique workouts.

New UI and Environments add polish and pizzazz before, during and after workouts.

“Music is the driving force of studio fitness, and BoxVR has an incredible range of tracks,” said Ianthe Mellors, a veteran fitness instructor who helped design and choreograph many of the routines in the game. “Music gets you into the gym physically, into the workout mentally, and most importantly it keeps you going longer.”

BoxVR has been a best-seller in both the Oculus and Steam stores since launching earlier this year, attracting more than 50,000 paying users. BoxVR customers’ workouts average 27 minutes per session – and collectively, BoxVR users have already burned 75 million calories.

About FitXR

FitXR is breaking new ground in virtual fitness, helping to define the category with award-winning games and services for all popular VR, AR and MR platforms as they become available. The company’s first app, BoxVR, has won multiple awards and been described as “Guitar Hero crossed with a studio boxing workout.” FitXR is building a suite of pro-quality fitness games to give anyone, anywhere the precise workout experience they want, whenever they want it.

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