VR Gambling Eagerly Anticipated by Online Gaming Fanatics

Top online casinos like MrGreen and Betfair operate at the cutting edge of the digital software and program industries. They have to be as innovative as possible in order to attract players to their casinos rather than letting them drift off to their competitors, and the latest development that leading online casinos are investing in now is VR technology (Virtual Reality).

The First Online Casinos Materialised in 1994

Since online casinos first hit the scene around 1994, gambling over the internet through game-play has grown in popularity at stunning speed. The initial launch was triggered when Antigua and Barbuda first launched its Free Trade and Processing act. The act granted permission to businesses that wanted to offer gambling facilities over the World Wide Web. It spawned one of the most popular online pastimes ever; an entertainment which was destined to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Being able to gamble online meant that players could enjoy their favourite pastime without having to physically go to brick and mortar casino or slot machine parlour. They could have a flutter from the convenience of their own living rooms, and this brought an enormous boost to the industry’s popularity.

Online Gambling Using a Mobile Device

The next big boost to keep the impetus going was to come with the launch of gambling-on-the-go. The latest iPhone and Smartphone Apps mean that you can play games via your mobile device anywhere, anytime, as long as you can get a signal, and little or nothing gets lost regarding the quality and the player experience.

Video slots are the games played more than anything else at online casinos, but of course when you mention the word “casino,” the things that spring most quickly to mind are table games the likes of Roulette, and card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker. The other great innovation that mobile gambling has brought to the online casino fraternity is interacting with live dealers. It just makes everything appear to be that much more real.

This too has added to the increasing demand for gambling online, but where do we go next for the latest accelerator? The answer is of course VR – Virtual reality.

According to Digi-Capital, a specialist company that advises the top VR game leaders across the world, the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality game industries could be worth up to $120 billion by the year 2020 and a sizzling $510 billion by 2021. At the heart of this prediction is the rapid growth rate with which VR/AR Apps and headsets are being developed.

Many of the top video game software companies are developing or have already developed, pilot games for testing. These games include video slots, themed video games and casino table games.

The Leading Game Software Providers Heading up the VR Race

Leading games software provider Microgaming is in the throes of testing VR games that were presented during the UCE Totally Gaming conference in 2016. They are using CRYP Lab software which has been created to run on Oculus Rift VR headsets.

Another top game software provider is NetEnt, a company that the MrGreen online casino features in its games software provider pool. One of the best progressive jackpot games across the online gaming community is Gonzo’s Quest. NetEnt are about to release a VR version of the enormously popular video slot, and the MrGreen casino, which is currently running the pre-VR version of the slot, is likely to launch the latest VR optimised game as soon as it is available.

An Online Casino Table Gambling Experience like no Other

Virtual Reality promises much in terms of taking online gambling to the next level, and although video games and slots will benefit hugely, so too will the classic online casino table games, like roulette. Whereas many devotees of online gaming will never have the opportunity in the physical world to play casinos in legendary venues such as Monaco and Las Vegas, the new virtual reality casinos will feel like the real thing.

The future of VR online gambling promises much. GTECh has developed a 3D screen that is entirely glass-free, and internet gurus Google are reported to be designing something called “Glass betting,” which will incorporate gambling with real money.

Experience VR Gambling Through Your Own Avatar

The VR environments in online casinos will be created down to the finest details, allowing players, through their avatars, to look around them, go through doors, see around pillars, and interact with other players and dealers alike. It will be a landscape like nothing seen to date, and it is coming soon.

Casino VR and Slotsmillion are the casinos currently at the head of the online VR game race, but you can rest assured that once the technology reaches the expected goals regarding player experience, other leading online casinos like MrGreen will be right there at the head of the pack too.

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