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VR game Cave Digger – Get ready to dig deeper for Riches!

Imagine yourself mining for riches with lots of ridiculous tools such as dynamites, nukes, electric chains and even getting trippy with magic mushrooms? Good news; now you can do in the virtual world!

Cave Digger is an alternative western / steampunk themed Virtual Reality game where the player is a traditional miner. It’s arcade mining game which perfectly fits room-scale. Excavate bedrock with hard swings, reap the rewards of Mother Earth and trade mined valuables for gadgets at “Trader’s Shop” on the surface.

The game has its own humor with it’s unusual ‘tools’, hidden quirky encounters and multiple endings based on player actions take the player to an unknown adventure. The array of tools ranges from a typical pickaxe to an enigmatic prototype gauntlet and a nuke… yes, a nuke! Like Fat Boy, but in a different color.

Cave Digger also supports “Competitive Mode” where the aim is to excavate and collect as many valuables as possible to make the highest score in the leaderboards. If you want to explore deep down earth, then you can choose Explore Mode, where the objective is to play the game until you reach to one of the seven endings.

“We really liked to play Minecraft and part of the idea was to recapture similar core mining experience into VR and then develop the rest further with other ideas. We also wanted it to be old western themed with fantasy elements or alternative western, says Jani Kaipainen, the CEO of Cave Digger developer VRKiwi.

”We have got lot of promising feedback and help from the community in Discord and other channels to develop Cave Digger further. Gamescom helped us a lot too as you get to talk to your potential players and influencers from around the world.”

Cave Digger’s base game was released on Steam back in May 2018 as free and it has already tens of thousands of players and positive reviews from almighty diggers! Jani shared us info about their plan. “Some people have said that we should’ve put a price for the base game. We could’ve done that but instead we wanted to offer VR players a free, nothing to lose way to try how they like this type of game and then they can decide if they wanted to buy extra content. We think it is fair like this. We have many extra content ideas in our development roadmap for the future. We are very eager to continue what we have started in Cave Digger.”

Get ready to dig deeper! We launch our first DLC on 30th of August on Steam and on Oculus Store.

Now grab your pickaxe and go to the Frontier! The nation needs you!

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