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Florida VR Startup VR Innovation Announcing Web Software to Deliver 3D VR Solutions

VR Innovation, LLC, a Tampa, Florida VR startup company is has just launched their specialized web software that enables businesses to deliver 3​​D VR solutions including VR video streaming, advanced VR video compression, and VR video post-production services.


The VR market is rapidly exploding. Many of the largest technology companies in the world – Google, Samsung, etc. – are investing heavily in the VR market. Businesses worldwide are rushing to provide their users with 3D VR video content. However, despite the monumental changes the VR industry is undergoing, consuming 3D VR video content on a mobile device remains a difficult and often frustrating experience for the consumer.


3D VR video files are extremely large due to their high resolution. The vast majority (80% and higher) of VR video content is consumed on mobile devices. Current technologies require customers to download these large video files onto their mobiles devices and access them via third-party software which may not be compatible with the VR video file type. Mobile device storage capacity, bandwidth requirements, and file compatibility issues all have the potential to completely ruin the customer experience. VR Innovation’s web software solves this problem; ensuring the most enjoyable customer experience possible.


VR Innovation’s solution enables businesses to deliver 3D VR video content with head tracking technology directly to customers within the web browser. No downloading, no third-party software required, and no frustration. Users simply point, click, and instantly stream high-resolution 3D VR video content on their mobile devices within their web browser. This unmatched user experience will attract more new and retain more existing customers, generating additional revenue streams for any business.

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VR Innovation’s web software supports

  • Multiple platforms: Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Gear VR, Android OS, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iPhone 6, iPod 5, iPad, PC, Laptop, etc.
  • Numerous projections: 180, 360, SBS 3D, Red & Cyan 3D, 2D (in VR)
  • 180o and 360o video in all HTML5 supported formats including MP4, WebM, and Ogv
  • iOS inline video (pinning to home screen not necessary)


Contact VR Innovation, LLC today to find out how you can leverage VR Innovation’s web software to power and enable your VR video content on the web and revolutionize your user’s mobile VR video viewing experience!


Website: http://VRInnovation.net

Email: info@VRInnovation.net

Phone: 1 (669) 500-8477



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