NCM VR Open Call Contest @ NEXON Computer Museum – Aug 1st – Aug 12th

Era of Virtual Reality has dawned. We easily meet VR contents in our lives, but Nexon Computer Museum holds its very first ‘VR OPEN CALL’ festival for incomparable stage of VR.


VR, will you just sit amongst the audience? Anyone can be a creator, producer of VR contents as long as one bears experimental & challenging spirit. There are no limits in nationality, age, sex, topic, format, length or platform.

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What’s holding you back? No need to be perfect. Challenge! For sure, VR is just around the corner in days of our lives. Be the winner and achieve the chance to display 2 weeks in NEXON Computer Museum along with housing / working lab provided in the beautiful island of Jeju, Korea.


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NCM VR Open Call Competition Application Guideline

Topic: Free (Development Platform & Environment as well)
Required Qualification: None
Application Period: Aug 1st – Aug 12th 2016
Project Submission: (bulk mail attachment required)
Document Submission: Please freely descript introduction including Team Name(or Name, ID), E-mail address, Phone number, Intention(Motive) of the Project, Platform & others.
Evaluation Period: Aug 22nd – Sep 23rd 2016
Result Announcement: Sep 30th 2016 (via Homepage & Individual Contact)


vr competition

Competition Prize

1st Prize (4 teams): Concept of the prize

桑田碧海 (Sang-Jeon-Byeok-Hae) Prize
: VR project successively expressing a surprising conversion of the world
無我之境 (Mu-Ah-Ji-Kyung) Prize
: VR attaining a spiritual state of perfect selflessness
物我一體 (Mul-Ah-Il-Che) Prize
: VR granting the experience of VR & oneself as one
胡蝶之夢 (Ho-Jeob-Ji-Mong) Prize
: VR pulling down the boundary between dream and reality

Winners will be provided with 1Mln KRW award for each team along with Independent VR display zone, Develop Week & Artist’s Talk


2nd Prize (2 teams): Concept of the prize

以心傳心 (Yi-Sim-Jeon-Sim) Prize
VR at the level of being able to get the idea of author’s intention

同床異夢 (Dong-Sahng-Yi-Mong) Prize
VR acknowledging the difference between VR & Reality

Winners will be provided with 500K KRW award for each team along with Independent VR display zone


1. What is OPEN CALL?

OPEN CALL is Nexon Computer Museum’s first VR festival to support experimental & challenging creative activities by hosting a public contest open to everyone.

2. Can we submit multiple projects?

Of course. There are no limits in number or quantity of submitting projects. However, projects must be produced for this contest only and those used in other contests or unveiled in public before are restricted from submission.

3. Is it mandatory to submit application document?

Yes, 1page document in free format would suffice. Please include your team name(or name, ID), a phone number you can be reached, and additional information such as intention(Motive) of the project, platform & etc.

4. Can you assure that there are no limits in format & platform of the project?

Any platform, format, genre are all welcome. We pursue contents production without any boundaries to accommodate all projects based on PC, Mobile, Interaction contents, and etc. We would be happy to see all contents though it might not be perfect, bit simple or quite complex.

5. What are the benefits for winners?

With total 5mln KRW(final amount to be paid after tax) as award, 4 teams selected as 1st prize will be granted 1mln KRW each along with 2 weeks of Develop Week, Artist Talk, a surprise event with the special examiner, and the opportunity to independently display in the VR zone. For two 2nd prize winners, 500K KRW will be granted to each team as well as the opportunity to independently display in the VR zone

6. What is Develop Week & Artist Talk?

Develop week is a special benefit granted to four 1st prize winners to revise and redeem the project while those are displayed in the Nexon Computer Museum. Each team will be supported with round trip plane ticket(domestic), research Lab 3.0 in the museum, housing & lunch.
Artist talk allows winners to directly exchange opinions & receive feedbacks from experts and audiences.

7. Where do the rights of contents belong to?

All rights belong to the producer. Nexon Computer Museum retains the authority of the winner contents within the exhibition period only. All authority and responsibility of the contents belongs to the exhibitor.


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