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Decentraland” Partners with WAX and OPSkins Marketplace

Decentraland and WAX™ announced that the company’s virtual assets will be available on OPSkins, the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets and are tradeable with WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, US dollars, Euros and dozens of other currencies.

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform which allows users to create, experience and monetize their content, games, and applications. Decentraland’s mission is to create a virtual world that is owned by its inhabitants.

Decentraland is made up of thousands of 10 square meter parcels of virtual space. These parcels are represented by LAND, a non-fungible token, and are identified using cartesian coordinates. LAND owners can build and publish 3D content and applications, such as Ethereum games, on their LAND. Each parcel of LAND is unique since its geographic location and distance from the center of the virtual world play a large role in determining how much foot traffic (and visual traffic) it gets.

Once complete, the infrastructure and governance of Decentraland will be fully decentralized and free from the control of a corporate entity. This is being achieved through tools and platforms like Ethereum and the InterPlanetary File System. The very LAND that makes up Decentraland is tracked on the Ethereum network using non-fungible ERC721 tokens, which can be bought and traded like any other unique digital asset, placing ownership of the metaverse in the hands of its users.

“The team here at Decentraland is extremely excited to be partnering with OPSkins,” said Ari Meilich, Project Lead of Decentraland. “Listing our LAND from Decentraland on the OPSkins marketplace is a great step toward expanding the exchange of Crypto Collectibles™ and other unique digital assets.”

“Blockchain-based non-fungible virtual items add an exciting and lucrative new concept to the cryptosphere,” said Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and President of WAX. “Decentraland is helping further establish the Crypto Collectible marketplace, which OPSkins and WAX are excited to be key players in developing. The integration of Decentraland onto the OPSkins platform creates additional utility for WAX Tokens and incentivizes more players to join the ecosystem.”

Decentraland’s non-fungible ERC721 tokens will be the latest to be added to OPSkins and tradable with WAX Tokens — the first was CryptoKitties in December 2017, and there are more to come. OPSkins is becoming the go-to marketplace to trade Crypto Collectibles. OPSkins boasts over two million weekly transactions on its platform, has millions of active customers and adds 200,000 new users each month. WAX allows anyone to create a virtual goods marketplace, onboarding millions of gamers to the growing cryptocurrency space.

About Decentraland
NFTs and Crypto Collectibles are more than just a trend – unique digital assets with established ownership have revolutionized the way people view digital content. The team at Decentraland is committed to building a platform optimized for the creation, hosting, and sharing of new and unique digital content. Experienced VR developers, Ethereum developers, content creators, digital artists, gamers, and enthusiasts are all welcome in Decentraland. Find your place in the metaverse and learn more at decentraland.org.

About WAX
WAX is a functional utility token that supports a decentralized platform, enabling anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure or payment processing. Developed by the founders of OPSkins, the world’s leading marketplace for online video game assets, WAX is designed to serve the 400+ million online players who already collect and trade video game assets and Crypto Collectibles. With the inclusion of the WAX simple exchange widget, gamers will have access to a worldwide market with blockchain trust and transaction verification. For more information, please visit https://wax.io and http://www.opskins.com.

Worldwide Asset eXchange™, WAX™ and Crypto Collectibles™ are trademarks and the sole property of Worldwide Asset eXchange. All other registered or unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

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