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ImagineVR Attracts Large Crowds At Anime Expo 2018

“With “Let’s Play With Anna!” Virtual Reality Sex Simulator”

The virtual reality (VR) content distribution platform, ImagineVR Inc., teaming up with VR Anime Sex Simulator developer VRJCC had a record turnout at Anime Expo 2018.

Crowds lined up to see cosplayer after cosplayer gyrate with an inflatable doll while donning virtual reality goggles and trying the Let’s Play with Anna! VR experience by the developer, VRJCC.

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“We did not expect such a turnout with so many willful participants, especially so many female cosplayers,” commented the ImagineVR CEO.

The booth is an update from their previous foray at Otakon 2017 in Washington D.C., where attendees could interact with a virtual reality anime character. This time, attendees shared an intimate experience with an adult anime woman. Participants very quickly turned the demonstration into an ad hoc competition: who could have the most outrageous interaction with the experience via the inflatable doll?

ImagineVR was the focus of social media attention throughout the weekend.

The experience took place in a specifically closed-off area for adult attendees. The ImagineVR CEO observed the crowd gathering at their booth. She compared it to “Dance Dance Revolution!”… but for SEX!

Attendees were also able to meet Japanese former adult film actress, Kaho Shibuya (@shibukaho) who was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

【About ImagineVR】

ImagineVR is a virtual reality content platform ( offering publishing services. In cooperation with Japan’s leading entertainment download shop, ImagineVR offers comprehensive support to creators of all types, to distribute their content within Japan, and throughout the world.

【About VRJCC】

VRJCC is the indie developer that produced Let’s Play With Nanai!, an adult VR game designed for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift.

Let’s Play With Nanai! is controlled via hands-free controls by means of a smartphone, Oculus or Vive controller. When the smartphone/controller is attached to an inflatable doll, the user can manipulate his virtual partner via the doll and experience a realistic, interactive sex simulation.

VRJCC Website

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