VRADX Launches VR Technology for Experiential Movie Marketing

VRADX (www.vradx.com), the global Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR & AR) Advertising Network of Etoron Technologies, launched its experiential VR & AR movie marketing platform. The technology can create native and customizable marketing experiences based on the movie’s characters, location and storyline without interrupting user experience.


Formally launched through the first VR-based movie promotion for China’s first realistic full length Computer Graphics (CG) movie, L.O.R.D.,the technology offers cutting edge features that demonstrated just how VR & AR will be the future of Hollywood and movie marketing, in general.


Modular and Flexible

VRADX’s technology tracked the movement of the users to determine when a player is directly looking at a L.O.R.D.-themed ad spot. Strategically positioned right at the launcher, users inevitably experience the movie without interrupting their VR experience.

Full Engagement Within the VR Environment

VRADX’s VR & AR advertising platform enables end-to-end user experience without ever quitting the VR environment. Users responded to the ads with deeper involvement. In fact, every user interacted with at least three of L.O.R.D.-themed ads proving that ads that are native to a user’s experience get more engagement.


Interoperable Data Management Towards Usable Insights

Partnering with some of the biggest VR developers in the world, VRADX’s system fully integrated with existing systems that made it possible to adjust the campaign real-time. One such adjustment was the creation of a special ad for the character played by Wang Yuan, one of China’s most popular young actors. The character’s ad had 100% more hits than other ads and garnered thousands of dollars worth of free digital marketing.


“Our partnership with VRADX was supposed to be a marketing experiment. It turned out to be a revelation on how VR and AR advertising networks can be the venue where filmmakers and artists, in general, can fully share their art to the general public. VR and AR is the future of Hollywood,” Sun Ming said, SVP of OF3D.


About VRADX: VRADX is the only VR & AR Advertising network that is fully operational in countries typically impenetrable even to the biggest tech companies such as China. Establishing operations in Europe, Asia and North America, VRADX has developed both the VR & AR Advertising technology and consumer insights needed to create international and localized advertising campaigns.


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