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VR Bangers Announced Premium 6K VR Porn Movies as New Standard

The Premium VR Porn Makers VR Bangers from Los Angeles Are Taking a Huge Step Forward with More than Double the Number of Pixels Displayed in Front of the VR Headsets’ Users.


Have you ever seen a 4K UHD VR porn video? And how was it? Smooth, clean and pretty much giving you the unique feeling that you have been there with the girl you just watched, even though she most likely was on the other side of the globe? And now imagine that we could double the amount of the smoothness that you have just experienced, giving you something even better here and now. Sounds fake or too visionary to believe? Future is now thanks to one of the premium VR porn makers, VR Bangers, who today have officially introduced the 6K standard to their virtual reality porn videos!


What is the difference between the 6K VR porn and the, until recently, revolutionary 4K UHD standard? This is definitely the first thing that should be clarified before going to saying anything about the importance of this innovation.


4K ultra high definition (aka 2160p) was originally designed for the movie theaters and is giving you as much as 8,294,400 (3840×2160) pixels right in front of your face, as long as you are wearing one of the high-end VR headsets – even though the development of those is extremely dynamic, still not all of them are capable of displaying such high resolutions.


6K (3160p) is going even beyond of that, giving you an almost overwhelming amount of pixels of 19,415,040 (6144×3160) and in effect providing you with an even more spectacular experiences. Even though the display of your VR visor remains unchanged, the amount of PPI (pixels per inch) is going higher, effectively giving you a smoother and more lifelike experience. Specifically speaking, the difference in amount of pixels is almost 2.5 times greater – whether you believe it all or not, let the numbers speak for themselves!


No one has ever gone beyond that amount, and at the time when the VR Bangers’ competitors were focused on producing materials in 4K and 5K, the producers decided to take a chance and try to create something even more perfect and revolutionary, concentrating their resources on the uncertain 6K tech.


According to the VR Bangers’ CEO, Daniel Abramovich, “Our team has taken a few months to figure out the necessary steps and the technology behind the cameras and post production, but we have finally done this, taking a huge step forward for the entire VR porn industry.”


Taking the risk paid off for these exclusive VR porn makers once again, effectively granting all their fans some incredibly high quality standard, and letting all their subscribers experience the future of VR porn videos today.

You can also grant yourself an access to the library of 200+ VR porn movies straight away, VR Bangers – new 6K VR porn films will only keep on coming!

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