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An Overview of the Latest Collection of VR Bangers’ Sexy Lingerie with Abby Lee Brazil!

Sexy panties, stockings, fishnets, corsets, underskirts and all other types of erotic lingerie – who does not love them?

Some people say that a sexy woman wearing one of those is actually going to look better than naked – and it seems like one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, agree with that opinion in their latest VR porn scene in 6K ultra high definition.

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Fishnets lovers from all over the world gather, as you are about to have an amazing feast on behalf on in 3D VR!

In their newest production, studio has asked Abby Lee Brazil – an extremely beautiful and sought-after professional VR porn star – to do a little overview of their new lingerie collection – at the same time recording it with their sophisticated virtual reality porn camera.

The Fully Fashioned VR porn scene has been made when thinking about all these horny men worshiping panties and stockings, and the alluring girl has a quite sizeable collection of those to go through inside of this VR porn fantasy.

Abby’s long legs and perfect feminine shapes are ideal for such a fetish-oriented virtual reality porn scene, and the experience of the producers working in the adult industry for years now can be clearly seen in the way they are distinguishing all these elements with the work of their VR porn camera – making sure that every single member of the VR Bangers’ family wearing a VR headset will be capable of enjoying everything that the girl has to offer in the lifelike 6K UHD virtual reality 3D environment.

“It is not like every girl could look great in sexy lingerie,” admits Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “I mean, sure, all of them will look better, since that is the point of wearing it – but we are talking about GREAT and no less over here. We choose Abby Lee Brazil as we have worked with her in the past and we knew that her body was ideal for this VR porn scene – and right after the shooting was over I, personally, was extremely happy of the choice we have made. Now we only have to wait whether our members will share my enthusiasm – but since this VR porn video has been requested by the community on our forums, I am sure that they were waiting for it to come and will truly appreciate our combined efforts!”

This scene is one of many VR porn videos requested by the members of the VR Bangers’ community – since the company has begun communicating with their viewers with the use of their forums, the producers started creating similar “on-demand” VR porn fantasies according to the voices of their fans.

If you would like to join this ever-growing community yourself and ask the VR Bangers to create a VR porn scene for your fetish, make sure to visit their main page over here.

And to watch this latest VR porn video in up to 6K ultra high definition, simply go over here.

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