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Got a brand new PlayStation VR console? We all know that the tens of thousands of people who purchased one in its first week on the market, and the millions more who will soon have one in their house, aren’t only interested in shooting at bad guys during game time. That’s why VRBangers is already producing the highest quality fully compatible PlayStationVR VR adult videos to make it easy for everyone to find exactly what they need for during game breaks to release stress and explore the boundaries of VR adult entertainment.

“The initial sales figures of PlayStation VR put the new virtual reality peripheral at around 50,000 units sold during the first week, which is a solid start” said Daniel Abramovich, CEO of VRBangers.com. “To give that figure some context, in the same period the PS4 itself was the best-selling console on the market with 30,154 units sold during the same week.”

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Unlike much of the other VR video content available online, VR Bangers is perfectly suited for viewing via PlayStation VR because VR Bangers provides stitch-free 360 videos for maximum immersive effect. “Most other sites only make 180-degree content” Daniel noted. If you start turning around, you end up looking at blank black areas in your field of view, which destroys the immersive effect that makes VR special. Gamers expect VR to be full 360, 4K and ready to play. VR Bangers offers their audience sexy porn videos in the exact same environment that their favorite games come in already, without any comprises.”

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that VR Bangers will also be the only provider of UHD 3D videos for the PS4 and PS4 Pro coming out on November 10th of this year as well. “Calling 1080p videos in a 180 degree field of view ‘VR’ is as silly as trying to claim that AM radios is the same as a live symphony orchestra” explained company CTO Boris Smirnoff. “VR Bangers fits perfectly PlayStation VR because the videos are always produced for the best stitch-free 360 degree viewing experience. It’s very important for us that fans always maintain the feeling of being present in the scene.

We have invested many hours into making PSVR videos that can be enjoyed without any visible flaws. With a PlayStation VR headset and VR Bangers videos, you can experience the true power of VR Porn and feel like you are actually there with Dillion Harper, or in the middle of a hot threesome with Mia Malkova and Riley Reid together.”

See what all the excitement is about by visiting www.VRBangers.com right now to explore the best collection of PSVR porn available anywhere on the planet right now!

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