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Holospark’s The Haunted Graveyard Brings Spooky Adventure to VRcades for Halloween

Holospark today announced the release of ​The Haunted Graveyard, a new Virtual Reality adventure for VRcades available for distribution through SpringboardVR, SynthesisVR and direct license.

This new Location-Based Experience (LBE) is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets and welcomes all visitors to a magical graveyard haunted by an assortment of ghosts. Suitable for all ages, ​The Haunted Graveyard was made specifically for new VR users visiting VRcades for spooky Halloween thrills.

“Our VRcade customers are going to love The Haunted Graveyard,” said Nathan Alder, Director of Licensing for the VRcade chain VRJunkies with twelve locations across the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. “It deserves to be at the top of any VRcade’s Halloween offering.”

With VRcades opening worldwide, where anyone can walk in and try the latest virtual reality games and experiences without having to buy expensive VR setups, Holospark saw a creative and strategic opportunity. They built ​The Haunted Graveyard specifically with VRcades in mind. This haunting experience is much like a ride you would find at an amusement park, with a focus on accessibility, ease-of-use, and mainstream entertainment.

“VRcades are bringing a broad new audience to virtual reality, but most experiences on the market are made for hardcore gamers,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Holospark. “With The Haunted Graveyard, we have created a new entertainment format that appeals to all audiences, driving VR forward to mass market entertainment.”

In ​The Haunted Graveyard players find themselves in a magical graveyard shortly before midnight. They explore the twisty paths and spooky old vaults, encountering ghostly characters who guide them. As the story unfolds, players realize they must escape by midnight or be trapped there forever!

“To create The Haunted Graveyard, we assembled the best technology and an award-winning development team,” noted executive producer John Scott Tynes. “Using their expertise in both games and film development, our team created a VR experience that does what VR should do — it transports users into another world using mesmerizing graphics and sound.”

For ​The Haunted Graveyard, Holospark used a cast of professional actors who performed their scenes using motion capture and facial animation technology found in major motion pictures. A beautiful orchestral soundtrack by composer Winifred Phillips and producer Winnie Waldron (God of War, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation) accompanies the adventure and features an original song from veteran Seattle music producer Joe Reineke (Macklemore’s The Heist). The whole experience is brought to life with real-time graphics in Unreal Engine 4.

“VR is a powerful new entertainment medium that can truly transport you no matter who or where you are,” said art director Bruce Sharp. “It’s the power of dreams come to life – or in this case, nightmares!”

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