Established in 2017, VRChat, a social VR platform launched their premium subscription service via SteamVR platform, offering users with Steam VR headsets the popular multi-user experience to upgrade and support ongoing developers.

VRChat is a leading social VR app that bring VR and none-VR users inside the immersive vistual world through avatars and experiences created by the community. VRChat community users create virtual world, avatars, and VR games with Unity Game Engine, and share their creations with the community.

VRChat Plus's long-term goal is to allow creators to support themselves with creatives they produce. VRChat is currently funded by investors, yet supporting VRChat's premium service will help the platform with funds for development and server costs.

For price of $9.99/month or $99.99 annually, premium subscribers would unlock a variety of upgraded featured specifically designed for early supporters with everything from dedicated servers, improved looks, to customization on nameplates.  This upgrade will allow users to personalize icons or even upload your own images onto VRchat's website.

For limited time, early supporters will receive a special VRCat badge in their profile, and will receive bonus month(s).

There will be 100 avatar slots available, where you can save an avatar for any situation with the huge amount of favorite slots, split into 4 rows. You can collect and organize, and every subscriber will get 25 with this upgrade.

As a tribute to supporters, VRChat will also payback their support to early supporters by "higher trust rank", which means more of your avatars features will be visible by default. A one-time boost will be applied by default to the "Trust" on your VRChat account.

The VRChat Trust is a measuring system over how much trust the VRChat platform trusts a user, similar to Karma Point on Reddit. Trust points are earned by participation in VRChat creation and community.

Early supporters will also receive Early Supporter badge as well as additional VRC+time (1 for monthly subscribers/2 for annual subscribers).

VRChat is available on Oculus PC, Oculus Quest, Steam, and Viveport.

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