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VRC’s View of VR/AR Entertainment & Its Business in 2018

2017 was a benchmark year for VRC with the release of its first original cinematic VR adventure series Raising a Rukus now showing at location-based VR experiences in cinemas and other paid venues worldwide.

This fall, VRC unveiled its free Follow Me Dragon” AR app as part of Apple’s rollout of the ARKit. Apple is featuring it as one of the App Store Best of 2017 and their retail stores worldwide. VRC’s vision goes beyond the AR app, asCEO and co-founder Guy Primus shared:

“We are excited about the ability for people to get to know and build a relationship with a character through augmented reality and then have that unique relationship come to life in an immersive, AI-enhanced virtual reality experience. Hundreds of millions of people now have access to AR and there will be thousands of VR entertainment centers in operation worldwide in 2018. The thoughtful melding of immersive technologies and cinematic narratives will be transformational for media and entertainment.”

What’s up with VRC in 2018? In 2018, LBE is expected to expand exponentially around the world and throughout the US. As Guy Primus shared,

“LBE will democratize VR for the masses. Cinemas and other LBE venues is where most people will experience VR for the first time, and the foreseeable future, until the technology for the home becomes more reasonable and accessible.”

VRC has a lot in the works for 2018, here’s what it can share now:

  • Follow Me Dragon” – The VR experience is in production for release later in 2018. The AR app will have updates introducing people to Drake’s dragon friends along with new capabilities and storylines.
  • Raising a Rukus” – Two more episodes of Rukus are in production, with the releases coming this spring and then the holidays. The current episode is available at LBE locations in several cities in the US and worldwide including:
  • China – Rukus premiered in September and it will be available in 8,000 seats by the end of January.
  • Europe – Rukus has been showing in the Netherlands and select countries, with other locations to open in the new year.
  • Canada -In December Rukus premiered at Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theatre in Ottawa via D-BOX VR. Cineplex is rolling it out to its other North American locations.
  • US – Rukus is available in 23 cities in 11 states at LBE locations in select theaters and malls.
  • The Samsung Gear VR version of “Raising a Rukus” was announced in May and is available on Oculus Store. It is different from the cinematic version, was a first to feature an innovative branching narrative that allows viewers to choose which character’s journey to follow with a simple gaze of their eyes, which makes for repeatable enjoyment.

Author: VR Reporter

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